Challenge #16

Posted by The Design Experiment on 7:31 PM
Hi everyone! Have a good weekend? Since Independence day is this week, we decided to have our challenge based on exactly that. The celebration of the day. That being said, here is this week's prompt:

Happy Independence Day! What does Independence Mean to you? How do you Celebrate Independence Day, or how do you celebrate YOUR independence?

Our guest designer this week is the super sweet and very talented Karla Smith!!

A little bit about Karla:

Hi, I am Karla Smith. I am married to my High School Sweetheart, for 28 years. We have 2 Children Jennifer 27, & Rick 24. We have been blessed with an Adorable Granddaughter … Genesie Quinn, age 4. She is my Scrap Inspiration.
I grew up and live in the Beautiful Foothills of Southern California. My Husband is a Self Employed Plumbing Contractor, and I have been Selling Antiques and Collectibles for most of My Adult Life. I Currently Run an online Business for over 8 Years Now. It is so much fun to Have your Hobby as your Business.I have always been a crafty Person. I fell in Love with Scrapbooking around 5 years ago, I also enjoy, acrylic painting, sewing, altered projects, and Decorating.

Happy Independence Day
By: Karla Smith

Journaling : Well…..that has been my usual greeting my entire life. Really?.. What is Independence day to me?Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Watermelon, Fireworks. My usual way of celebrating , Not thinking much past the food and decoration.Last Year while watching a fabulous Fireworks show with Rick and Anke ( Son and DIL) visiting home from Germany. The Show made you feel all warm and Fuzzy, as the Fireworks Danced in the sky to The Usual Patriotic songs We sing. Of course I cry every time I hear the song “ Proud to be an American“. It wasn’t until I looked to my left, and saw my Precious Sweet GERMAN, DIL with Tears Streaming down her face.. After the show ,still emotional she told me that , This was the most Beautiful Tribute to our Freedom she has ever seen. They don‘t do that in Germany. I actually felt ashamed that I took our Freedom and Independence for Granted.The beginning of this year I stepped into the reality of Independence and Freedom. My dear sweet Son was Deployed to Afghanistan, to fight in a War , That a lot of us question. Oh my… I found myself for these past 6 months kind of walking in a stupor. Hearing of daily Battles, trying to hold on to my Faith That God will keep him safe and return him home untouched. How could anyone return untouched having to do all , that these young men are required to do, so we could stay home and celebrate our Independence? We all have Changed. As the 4th approaches in a few days from now, I continue to pray as my Son will still be there. I know I will be Celebrating in a Whole New Way. Thank you God.Thank you MY SON, for your Service.

By: Leslie

Journaling: It's for them. Freedom to be whothey want to be. To sing what they want. To worshipand praise God above..freely. To watch what they choose; freedom to vote; to live, laugh & love.It's for ALL of us. We have such a beautiful giftin INDEPENDENCE. Thank you, GOD! Thank you to the men & women who serve to give us this freedom. We owe you everything. This is whatfreedom & independence mean to me...~2008~

Just An Ordinary Day
By: Mia

Journaling: I may have lived in the DC area for four years and have celebrated the 4th of July numerous times with my American friends. I even know the words of most of America's patriotic songs even better than my own country's native songs. I gladly partake in all the festivities because I have the utmost respect and love for the USA. Some of my best memories are from my time there. But for me this holiday will always be just an ordinary day.

Freedom is Strength
By: Wendy

Journaling: The freedom to be who you are! The freedom to be a strong woman. The freedom to be independent! The freedom to have your own beliefs. The freedom to share your knowledge. The freedom to say what you want!


DC on the Fourth
By: Amy Coose

Journaling: There's no better time to live in our nation's capital.
Photograph downloaded from the internet, not taken by Amy.


Our Fourth

By: Kimmi

Journaling: Although we were unable to make the trip to Destin this year, this is where we usually spend out Fourth of July weekends.  We have went for the last two years and were planning on it this year as well, however other trip plans got in the way (CHA..oops...my bad!)  At least now I know ahead of time to make sure I can plan to take both trips.  There's nothing like being on the beach right smack in the middle of summer.  Swimming in the ocean, barbequin' on the beach, and enjoying the few fireworks from a 14th floor balcony.


It's your turn Experimenters!! Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the RAK.
We can't wait to see YOUR takes on the challenge! We hope that if you've never joined us for a challenge here at The Design Experiment, that you are inspired to do so today!


We would also like to send many warm hugs and prayers to our DT member, Sasha and her family as her grandmother has recently passed away. Hugs to you honey!! We love you!


great work again ladies...and will be thinking of you, Sasha!

Hi! Is the design experiment also open to digital scrap pages, or only traditional paper scrappin'?


Great challenge guys!!! Love aall the LO's! And yay Karla!!!! Love your work!

Thank you Girls for the HONOR of letting me play along. I Loved this Prompt. Each of your Projects, are so Beautifully Heartfelt. Awesome work.
Sasha, My Prayers are going out to you and your Family. Hugs.


This is the best prompt for you and congrats on being a guest!!!

Awesome work TDX ladies...I just love reading all of the journaling.

Trishadeb--we are open to digital as well!! THanks!!

AWESOME creations girls!
Karla...LOVE your creation too...thanks so much for being a part of the team this week! xx :))))

Well....I'm a bit late but wanted to share my layout. I was SO inspired by Karla's layout. I was working on my AMM July kit and had paper to match perfectly.