Challenge #11

Posted by The Design Experiment on 10:51 PM
This week our challenge prompt is from the Sweet and Thoughtful Collette:

Many things happen in our lives that are beyond our control. If you could go back and change the
course of one event in your life, what would you change and why?

Amazing challenge Collette!

Here are the X Team's Layouts:

Alex Rose Tony
By Collette
Journaling: Life hasn't been easy for me as it has been for some.
At the age of fifteen, my Mother passed away. I was just a young girl who never had the chance to show her mom all that she would become.
When I was pregnant with my daughter Chloe, my Father passed away. She never had the chance to show him all that she would become.
My Son Alex passed away at the age of eleven. He was a bright young boy, loving life and all that it had to offer. He never had the chance to show the world all that he would become.
I would change the fact that the three people I loved the most were taken from me far too early in life. I would love to make that pain just disappear.

No Regrets By Leslie


You make your own true happiness. I truly believe that. I look back at my life - I think about the young me. I sit & wonder ~ Is there anything I'd change? I honestly can say no. So I didn't finish college. ~So I married & started my family young. ~ So I wasn't in the top of my high school ~it's all "OK" to me! I'm so happy with me. My life. Everything. I would NOT change one thing. Not a thing. I am complete. Happy - full of life. ~39 yrs. old - 4/08

Reverse Time
By Wendy


February 28, 2008 was a hard day for me. My Grandpa passed away that morning.
I hadn't seen him for probably 10 years. We are traveling to Maine in June and
part of our trip was to see him. This one thing I would change time for. I
t breaks
my heart to think I was so close to seeing him again. So close
to putting my arms
around him one more time. To tell him I loved him one more time. Time goes by
too fast. Tell the ones you love that you love them. Hug the ones that you can
everyday. Enjoy the time that you have with them, it can't be reversed.

I Have No Regrets
By Emily


Sure I'd put that cookie down, or go back and change that dumb thing I said.
But as for the big
stuff, that stuff that really counts? No way...I Have No Regrets.

Wish You Were Here
By Davinie


Steve, we should have done it.... after school was over we should have found a way to get you to England to travel with me for a week or two. Now we are married with children, have careers, a mortgage and a phone bill, scheduled vacations and a dog. We should have taken more time to explore the world while we were young and free, for I fear I'll be an old lady before the opportunity like a European vacation will be feasible again. It's an important lesson, to live life to the fullest and seize opportunities for adventure when you can. You never know what the future might hold.

Now it's your turn Experimenters!!

Once you have completed your
layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your
layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the RAK.

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Challenge #11 Guest Designer...

Posted by The Design Experiment on 10:47 PM

Davinie Fiero!

Davinie Says:

Hi, I'm Davinie Fiero, pronounced kinda like Daphne. I live in Central Oregon, am married to my local firefigher and am mama to 2 sweet girls, Morgan and Payton, and my firstborn, our firbaby, a yellow lab named Cooper. I currently design for Worldwin and Pink Paislee, and am also a designer for Studio Calico, a smokin' hot kit club. I have been published in most of the major scrapbook magazines except the elusive CK, and even write monthly scrapbooking articles for a local parenting magazine which can be found at www.truenorthparenting.com. I teach classes at my local scrapbook store as well. When I'm not paper crafting, I also work part-time in the health insurance industry as a claims examiner, which I do from home so I can be with my girls. To say I am obsessed with paper and glue is an understatement. It's a huge part of my life. And it's an honor to work with the Design X girls this week! I am normally scared to death of layouts with my mug in it, but I really appreciated the opportunity to work with the journaling prompt this week. I could have done several layouts on this subject. Thanks for taking a peek! Davinie

Thanks Davinie! Your creation this week will no doubt be amazing!

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Challenge #10 Winner!

Posted by The Design Experiment on 10:46 PM

Nikki Bellish!

WOW!!! Nikki! This layout is just amazing! We absolutely love all of it! Just amazing work!

Way to go!

Email us your address at www.thedesignx@gmail.com so we can send you your RAK!


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Challenge #10

Posted by The Design Experiment on 8:13 PM
Happy Sunday Experimenters!

As the weekend draws to a close, are you dreading Monday? If so, this week's challenge is probably something you will enjoy!

Our challenge this week comes from Kimmi:

Scrap your typical day. What do you do everyday? Is there a c
ertain ritual you HAVE to perform everyday to feel complete? Is there something you are obligated to everyday? What do you like about your typical day? Would you change something?

Here are the X Teams' Layouts:

Enjoy Today: May 19
By: Kimmi

I created a mini book to log details of my day by the hour. I added some transparencies and journaling cards that also hold photos.

My Everyday Life
By Kimberly


My kids running the rest of the way home as soon as they see me is the Best!





Everyday...(Excruciatingly The Same, Yet Stunningly Different)
By Emily


Some days it seems like all I do is get up, do dishes, do laundry, do the cleaning, all in between wiping butts and making lunches, and wiping noses.
It’s the life of a stay-at-home mom. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to venture out and have a job outside the house, somewhere I would be called Mrs. Jones, not “moooooommmmmyyyyy!” Somewhere I would be paid for my work. Somewhere everyone is old enough to wipe their own butt.
But then I realize, the trade off is sending my babies to daycare, and having a stranger raise them, having a stranger play with my kids, and not being there for the funny little moments throughout the day. Even though they make me want to tear my hair out most days, I live for the snuggles at nap time, the giggles throughout the day. Besides, If I did have a “real” ‘big girl” ‘grown up job” I would come home to dishes, laundry and cleaning to do anyway!!!

The Wrench In My Schedule
By Amy Coose


My schedule, like most mom, is jam packed with my kids' activities. Each day starts too early and ends too late, with no time in between. I don't know when I thought I'd be able to take care of a new puppy, with the walks, training, etc. No matter how hard it gets-I'm still so glad you put a wrench in my schedule.

Now it's your turn Experimenters!!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the RAK.

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Challenge #10 Guest Designer

Posted by The Design Experiment on 7:58 PM

Amy Coose!

Amy Says:

My name is Amy Coose, and I am a Texan transplanted to Northern Virginia. I have been married to the love of my life for almost 13 years, and we have two beautiful children. Austin is eight and just all boy, and my daughter Georgia is six. She will tell you she is a tomboy, and not a girlie-girl who would much rather play with snakes and dinosaurs than dolls. They are both the reason I scrapbook, and I love being able to create special memories for my family. I started scrapbooking when Austin was born, and haven't looked back. Scrapbooking is more than just a hobby for me-it's a way for me to save precious memories, be
creative, and do something meaningful. Outside of scrapping, I teach preschool 3 days a week.

Thanks for guest designing for us this week Amy! We can't wait to see your layout for the challenge!

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Challenge #9 Winner!

Posted by The Design Experiment on 7:54 PM


Sasha, we just LOVED this layout! It's beautiful and honest, and exactly what this challenge was about!!

Please email your address to www.thedesignx@gmail.com to claim your prize!!!

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An Update on the DT call!

Posted by The Design Experiment on 9:05 PM
Hey Experimenters!

If you are still interested in joining us on The Design X DT, we are pleased to announce that we are extending our call!

The new deadline is June 1st 2008, and the rest of the submission details remain the same:

Requirements: You must be able to commit to creating a layout weekly for each challenge. You will be required to create a challenge prompt once every ten weeks, and promote your layouts each week on 2 online scrapbooking sites.

To Apply: Choose 3 of our past or present Challenge prompts and create a layout, mini album or altered item for each of the challenges you have selected. Once finished please email them to thedesignx@gmail.com by 11:59pm June 1st 2008

Please answer the following questions in your email:

1. Why would you like to be a part of The Design Experiment team?

2. How would you define your scrapbooking style?

3. Are you currently on any Design Teams? Have you ever been on a design team? If so, who/when?

4. Please create a sample challenge prompt.

Thank You!

The Design Experiment Team

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Challenge #9!

Posted by The Design Experiment on 7:39 PM
Hello Everyone!

Are you ready for Challenge #9?!

Today's challenge is from Emily:

"We as humans tend to be over-critical of ourselves. For this challenge, journal about yourself twice. Once as YOU see yourself, and again as others see you, (the real you). Why do you think you are critical of yourself? Why do you think it is more socially acceptable to be self deprecating as opposed to being self assured?"

Awesome Challenge Em!

Here are the X Team Layouts:

I See, U See
By Emily


I See:

A Stomach Ruined From Having 3 Kids
A Never-Good-Enough Mom
A Big Ass
A Scared Little Girl
No Self Confidence or Self Worth
Wide Hips
Hidden Pain
Anger Issues

U See:

A Beautiful Woman
Someone Who's Children Are Deeply Loved
An Hourglass Figure
A Kind Heart
A Self -Sacrificing Mom
A Beautiful Voice
A Woman Who Stands Tall

Shy Girl
By Kimberly


Journaling reads: Most of the time I feel like a shy girl. My kids think I'm wacky, but it's what we do that defines us. God Follower.

Where I Am Now
By Wendy Reed


I see myself in some ways in a good way but mostly negative. I dislike/like many things about my character, my personality, my physical appearance. I do love the me I have left behind and the me I have become. Looking back I never really had that time to grow and change into whom I was suppose to become. Although I felt mature and responsible especially becoming a mother and a wife at 18.

I went straight from high school to grown-uphood. My patience for some things has always been limited. I’ve tried to change that, even in the slightest with no such luck. I am very critical of things that push my patience button. I hate that I struggle to maintain friendships. I hold them so dear to my heart but if something in my life changes I tend to let go. I frustrate myself with this.

I love that when I am on track in my life with everything, all is good to me. I am proud of how strong of a person I have become and can fight anything head on that I believe in. I have no problem fighting for my family or friends. I am proud that I have a big heart and I prefer to give than to receive. If someone needs me I will do whatever I can to be there.

It’s hard to say how people perceive you. Most judgments come from those that don’t know me at all. They know of me but not really who I am. Most of the people in my life would say I am kind, generous, caring and funny. I love to have a good time and always try to find good in any bad situations I believe that things happen for a reason. The glass is always half-full with me. Never half-empty. I can and have been selfish and I work on that as situations arise. I am proud of the success people around me have and continue to gain.

I think it’s easier to be critical of you than to give yourself praise. Our society is forever criticize people, religions and ways of life because that’s how they were raised. The rights and wrongs of how we choose to live our lives. Which is just that… CHOOSE! What’s right for one person might not be right for another but does that make it ok to criticize who they are. Absolutely not!

On Cool Mom?
By Leslie


I see me as one silly mom ~ trying all I can to make my kids
laugh ~ trying OH so hard to be one "cool" mom. They see me
as that same GOOFY mom. BUT in the end it sure pays off
whey they tell me I AM a "pretty cool" mom. That's all I
need to hear.

Who Am I?
By Kimmi

I May seem stress free. It may not seem like I have a worry in the world. To you I'm just a lucky stay at home mom with lots of things. I seem to appear happy all around. To me, I'm a worried mess. I stress about everything. I only have things because my husband works long hours and days, to get those things, which puts stress on our relationship. Being a stay at home mom is definitely not the easiest job in the world. I have no self confidence. I feel ugly and small. I feel like I don't matter.

I see, U see
By Amber


I see a broken girl. I see scars. I see self-doubt. I see fears. I see pain. I see a child, but I also see Jesus. I see forgiveness. I see strength and courage. I see hope.

U see happiness. U see smiles. U see brightness. U see passion. U see excitement. U see my faith. U see confidence and now you see my heart and my soul.

Now it's your turn Experimenters!!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win this RAK:

Rak Includes:

3 Blank Board Book from C&T Publishing (1 3x3 Black, 1 3x3 white, 1 5x7 White accordion)
1 package Autumn Leaves stamps
1 Box of Prima flowers (large)
15 12x12 assorted papers from KI Memories and Making Memories.

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Winner of Challenge #8!

Posted by The Design Experiment on 7:38 PM


Thank you Melissa for your touching tribute to your mom! Please send your full name and address to thedesignx@gmail.com so we can send you your RAK!

Thanks to everyone else who participated, you were all fabulous!

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Guest Designer Challenge #9

Posted by The Design Experiment on 2:48 PM
Is Amber Ulmer!!!

Amber says:

Iam Amber Ulmer. 24. Married to my bestest friend.
I have been scrapbooking for about a year and a half. I love all things bright, vintage, and eclectic. I love fashion, the 80's, and ballet flats.
I am a part of the Creative Team for the challenge blog, One Little Word. I am also so honored to be a Scrap In Styletv Fashionista.
I do have a full time regular job as a head teller at a bank... but I am also a photographer. My husband and I are Ulmer Studios.
I am passionate about God, my family and friends, playing w/paper and scissors, photography, and all things outdoorsy.
Thank you to the girls of The Design Experiment for this amazing challenge and asking me to be a part!

Yay! Amber we are so excited to have you on board!!! We are so exciting to see your creation, we just know it will be so inspirational!!!

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Challenge #8

Posted by The Design Experiment on 8:53 PM
This week our challenge comes from Kimberly!

Our challenge this week is to honor our mothers! What is one positive trait you have inherited from you mom?

We sure love our mamas!!!

Here are the layouts from the X Team:

Hero By


Growing up wasn't always easy in our home...
but there was always JOY. There are many things my mom has passed on to me that I cherish, but one thing that stands out more than any other. She taught me to always think positive, and believe for great things. This one attribute/habit has brought me through my own life's personal challenges smiling. I'm so blessed to call her mom, she's my HERO, and my friend.

In Mom Sync
By Wendy


My Mom and I always have a good time. We have this uncanny ability to make good of almost any situation. We make people laugh, we turn frowns upside down, we make each other smile. We're in total sync!

We laugh a lot when we are together. When we go shopping it's always a fantastic day filled with laughs. I love that this is one of the great things my Mom has passed on to me. I think it's so important to smile every day even if you are going through a rough time.

Some times it's just a little smile that can get you through the day.

Remember... Smiles are contagious!!!

She Is The Reason
By Emily


My love of musical theater is not something I just stumbled upon one day. It 100% comes from my mom. The earliest I can remember I was watching "The Sound of Music" staring up at Julie Andrews in awe, wishing I was her. I would sing in my backyard, spread my arms wide, and sing: "The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music!" I would imagine myself as Christine, a captive in a theater basement, locked away from the world by the "Phantom of The Opera." I would sing, my voice traveling higher and higher, trying to match Sarah Brightman note for note.
I will be forever grateful to my mom for exposing me to musical theater at such a young age. She was never afraid to sing at the top of her lungs, and encourage us to join in. She wasn't afraid to dance across the room, as if in the arms of her Prince Charming, and she would beg us to dance with her too.
Of course, somewhere around the age of fourteen, I stopped wanting to sing and dance with her. It's normal for a teenager to look at their parents and think they are ridiculous, but I know that in my attempts to be "cool" I missed out on a lot of fun. Even when I thought it was dorky to be so animated, I still religiously sat down every Christmas and watched The Sound of Music with mom.
Now that I'm a mom, I want my kids to learn about and have a love for musical theater too. They are already used to me singing in the shower or belting out arias while doing the dishes. This is the norm for them. I beg Joey to dance with me when we are being silly.
Thanks to MY mom, I know that my children will be surrounded in a life filled with beautiful music, touching songs, and dances with make-believe princesses.

You Gave Me Creativity
By Kimmi


Creativity is the number one trait that I inherited from my mom. She has always been a crafty person. Sewing, taking photos and re-decorating our house time after time. I can remember her painting the walls in our house and changing the decor constantly. She even let me paint my bedroom walls whatever color I wanted, and whenever I wanted. (That includes t
hem being pink, navy blue, brown, white, yellow and even orange at one point in time.) She would sew me new curtains and pillow cases and help me paint wooden photo frames to match. She can take just about anything, old or new, and make it into something useful. Because of her, I have an interest in home decor, sewing and most importantly scrapbooking. Thank you mom for giving me the gift of creativeness.

By Leslie


She is my mom. Not only that - she is my very best friend. I am the luckiest girl
alive to have a mom like MY mom. I have to tell you - she is MY hero.
She has a heart of gold, loves everyone with everything she has, she has no enemies;
holds NO grudges. These are all traits she's passed on to her children. Her
biggest she's passed on to me has to be the ability to love with all of your heart.
I do that. A LOT. She also taught me how to forgive & forget.
This lady is the sweetest creation God has made. I love her with all of my heart.
Thank you Mom for all you've give to me. Thank you for loving me, for giving
your all - thank you for YOU. For because of you - I am: blessed,
loved, happy, full of life, strong, animated, silly, the ME I am.

Me and My Mom
By Donna


I've learned from you that being a good mom doesn't always mean that I have to follow the rules...which is good, because breaking them is much more fun!

Now it's your turn Experimenters!!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win this RAK:

RAK includes:

Sassafras Pocket full of Rosies kit
(includes 6 sheets of paper that is double sided, alpha sticker sheet, Sticker die cuts, and sticker sheet.
Maya Roads chipboard mini album
Junkitz chipboard frames
Sassafras stamps

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Winner of Challenge #7!

Posted by The Design Experiment on 8:36 PM
Is Lillian Schneider!

Here is her winning layout:


I want to smell the flowers, feel the fresh wind playing with my hair, hear the birds, see and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Great job Lillian! We loved you layout! Please email us your address to thedesignx@gmail.com so we can send you your RAK!

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ChALLENGE #8 Guest Designer!

Posted by The Design Experiment on 4:57 PM
Is Donna Salazar!!!

Donna says:

I'm proud that I'm happily married to my High School sweetheart, and that we've been able to keep each other sane while raising two teenagers.
I love to inspire others to find their "artistic voice". My mom "made" me take art in High School, and I quickly realized that something I thought was nerdy...could satisfy me soul (thanks mom!!). Eventually I worked in a corporate, "non-artsy" job. It took a serious car accident to convince me to return to feeding my passion for art! I've learned that sometimes we need to be nudged into trying something "different" and in the process we may find that "different" is a very good thing.

Thanks Donna!! We can't wait to see your creation!!!

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