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Hi Experimenters! Have a good 4th? We all sure did! Now that our extended weekend has come to an end, we hope you all can join in on this week's challenge. We also want to let all of you digital gals know that we are definitely open to digital layouts as well. So, with that being said, here is this week's challenge, brought to you by Mia.
We all have good and bad things about ourselves so I would love for you to scrap what you think is the good, the bad & the ugly of yourself. It can be anything from being a caring person to being addicted to Starbucks. Just get creative.
Our guest designer this week is the fabulous Karla Dudley.
A little bio from Karla:
Hi everyone! I've been scrapping since late 2003 after picking up a scrapbook magazine at the craft store. Had no idea what it was all about but after looking at that...I never turned back:) Scrapbooking led to many other avenues. I started drawing again and even took on watercolor, wax and sewing. I love it! I'm just having a good time meeting new friends and sharing what we love to do most ^----^ I hope to one day write a hybrid book. My style is clean, geometric and imperfect at the same time :)
Sending you all lots of creative wishes...happy scrappin'
By: Karla Dudley
Journaling: I had always been fit. Since I was little I had been an all star cheerleader. Worked out hard multiple times a week. I was tone...I was in shape. I went to college and worked even more vigorously. I was in the best shape of my life. The I stopped. One day I was at practice and the next I quite never to do it again. I moved on to a different phase of my life. Family, being a stay at home mom...My body changed. I was no longer that athlete . The one in front of the dance. The one whom people couldn't wait to see take the stage. With my new happiness I found new sorrows. New emotions...new struggles and weight gain. I haven't weighed 200 pounds since my twins were born. I'm struggling with this everyday. I'm in a shadow and I'm grabbing for the light. I'm affraid to go back. Affraid to try and get back the "me" I once new & loved.
Just Being {Me!}
By: Mia
Journaling behind photos:
The GOOD: I have a very big heart. I love to talk, I seriously won't stop. I'm a hopeless romantic. I love to dance. I love a good laugh.
The BAD: I often get too emotional. I sleep very late. I'm addicted to shoes. I can be way too critical. I more often than not make decisions with my heart, not my head.
The UGLY: I'm addicted to this thing called scrapbooking. I drink way too much Starbucks, like $140/month. I hate going to the gym. I fall in love way too easily. I love anything chocolate!
Good Bad and Ugly. It's Just Me
By: Kinsey
Journaling: You never can tell with me...I am honest to a fault...I am sooo quirky...I am the WORST at putting dirty dishes in the sink...I sing loud and not so good...I am stubborn...I know what I want and I fight for it...I am a listmaker who never uses her millions of lists...I laugh really loud when I shouldn't...I joke a lot to avoid bad or uncomfortable situations...I have a hard time saying 'no'...
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
By: Amy
Journaling: The one quality that I am really proud of is that I am very dedicated. I am dedicated to my family, my friends, my job, and even to scrapbooking. If I had to pick just one bad quality, because there are a few to choose from, I'd have to say I am a glass half empty type of gal. No matter how hard I try, I just can't help but see all the negative instead of the positive. This is something I am definitely not proud of. The one quality I believe is the ugliest of all--that I deal with each and every day would be anxiety. I have to work really hard to keep it in check. I am so glad that I am a work in progress--each day brings a new beginning.
B: Leslie
(layout to return soon)
Journaling: Well here you have it. The GOOD, the BAD & the UGLY.The qualities of lil' ol' me. Good being~I can make you laughin like 5 seconds. I {{heart}} to laugh. That is GOOD! I'm alsovery loving & trustworthy. Again...GOOD! Bad? Overly sensitive. Big time. That's ok - I can bounce back fast. (GOOD!) Another Bad? I can be a tad messy. Ok but WHO can't? UGLY? ----> Boy can I ever test the limits!I drive TOO fast. I overreact. I grind my teeth. I will not let you win. All uglies...BUT we all have good, bad & the uglies. It's us. It's me. This is me. I like me! Me is good. Ok badtoo. Oh and sometimes - ugly. ~July 5, 2008~
Strong With Convictions
By: Kimberly
Journaling: I've been told this all my life...and have learned that it can be a good as well as not so good quality to have. I can put up a fight when I believe in something strongly...yet fighting isn't always the right response.
Good, Bad, Ugly
By: Sasha
Journaling: I always try to say the in me outweighs everything that is not perfect about me. I love tovolunteer and donate to charities. I am always looking to help others and in the process make myself better. Then there is the side of meThat I try not to let loose on others but sometimesI cannot help myself and I tend to be a bee-otch.I can have the nastiest attitude and be just a crueland rude, everyday I am trying so hard to work on That. The beast in me is just that UGLYI curse worse than a sailor and I think it is okay. I think it is okay to hate others and not feel badabout hating them especially if I have been wrongedbut is that right nope … so I am still working on the bad and the ugly and I think my good outweighs it all.
Laid Back
By: Kimmi
Journaling: Being laid back has many advantages and disadvantages for me. I try not to let the little things bother me, I try not to get stressed and not let things other people say to me, get to me. I try to be as laid back as possible. I like to relax and I am definitely a home body. At times, I find that I can be too laid back. I sometimes let others take advantage of me. I have a tendency of letting my laid back-ness get in the way, when I should definitely not be as lenient in some situations. So, you can say that being laid back is both the good and the bad in me.
My Vices
By: Emily
It's your turn Experimenters!! Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the RAK.We can't wait to see YOUR takes on the challenge! We hope that if you've never joined us for a challenge here at The Design Experiment, that you are inspired to do so today!
We also want to wish both Kinsey and Wendy VERY VERY Happy Birthdays!!! We love you girls!! Hope you both have a great day!


Karla...thank you for joining us this week with your AMAZING talent! xoxo
You girls RAWKED this weeks challenge...I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for this week!

Woo Hoo .. Karla..you rock and thanks for joining us this week..alright ladies let's see what your creations are .. remember digi is welcome as well..

Hey x'ters..you ladies RAWK this week .. love them ..


Karla, I LOVE your layout!! WOW! Thanks for joining us this week!
All the challenge layouts are KILLER!! WTG girls..

Thanks guys so much! Sorry I forgot to put the good int here...guess I was on a roll lol!!!!

You guys are lovely, your layouts are always inspiring and the topics are the coolest ^-----^

...thanks so very much :)


Thank you Karla!! You rocked!! you all rocked this week!! AMAZING stuff!!

whoops..i'm logged in as tdx still..its me Kimmi!

WoW! Thanks ladies for the awesome inspiration! Jaw is dropped!

Okay, found your site, love it, will be playing - love to do challenges! COngrats to Karla, your page ROCKS - amazing talent! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Hi all!

Thank you for the inspiration! Here's my take on this week's challenge: http://cogitoergoscrap.blogspot.com/2008/07/dtx-good-bad-ugly.html


Sheryl Martinez
Manila, Philippines

Here's my take:


thanks for the ideas and inpiration. i'm playing tonight and trying this challenge. way to go!

Amazing layouts ladies .. wow .. those were beautiful ..

Cannot wait to see more ..


Hey ladies - you wow me each week and just love ALL y'alls inspiration! I played along this time so thanks for the fun challenge! you can go to my blog for my layout!
Happy weekend to y'all :D


So, here's my LO for this week's challenge:
Da Good, Da Bad and Da Ugly


Oh my gosh! So I come here to check things out because I totally want to do this challenge after visiting my friend Leslie's blog and loving her layout.... and then I see that Kimberly is also a DT member here... holy noodle! I think I've found a new home! I totally have a layout coming!

Great challenge. Great layouts ladies. Here is my take on the challenge: http://newfienes.blogspot.com/2008/07/truly-madly-deeply-do.html

Ladies, ya'll are seriously rockin this challenge...keep the entries coming girls...can't wait to see all the eye candy!

love tis blog but never been brave enough to post before. Here's my take on this week's prompt and thanks for the challenge.