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Hey Experimenters!

Do you ever find yourself thinking on a Friday night..where did this week go? Do you ever find yourself on "auto-pilot"? Just coasting through the week? If you are like us, you rarely stop and appreciate the trivial things that happen throughout the day, stop and think about the little triumphs, or the little annoyances that make up your week. This week we challenge you to stop, at least once everyday for five days, and record your thoughts.

This challenge comes from one of our new DT members, Kinsey! This was her example prompt from her DT entry!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my moo
d directly relates to the outcome and quality of so many different things…my day, my appearance, my attitude, my outlook. So, that being said, I thought it would be really interesting to actually *see* myself in the midst of these times. Since my mood is totally different from day to day, I am a woman after all, I challenge myself *and* you to take a self-portrait for 5 consecutive days. Self portraits can be a hassle, but this shouldn’t be. Just pop in the bathroom when you are moody (happy, sad, brooding…whatever it is!) and snap a quick shot of yourself. Be honest! No posing allowed. Keep it real.

For the journaling on th
is one, I want you to really hone in on what mood your were in. Why were you feeling those emotions at that time? How do you perceive yourself? Does your self image match the image you captured in the heat of the moment? PS. The journaling here can be as long or as short as you want it. For me, the pictures are what my focus is…capturing emotion through images. Have fun!!!


We are so beyond honored to have the amazing Leah Fung as our Guest Designer this week!!!

A Bit About Leah:

Leah Fung is a Contributing Editor for Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks etc. magazine, and she is a designer for Making Memories. Leah is also a Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame winner and has well over 200 hundred scrapbook pages and projects published in books and magazines. Leah is a wife and a mother of 2 little boys. She holds a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry and works part time as a medicinal chemist researching new treatments for diabetes and cancer. She enjoys playing the piano, chess, and gardening.


Here is Leah's Creation for Challenge #14:

All In A Week: By Leah Fung


Monday-Scrapbooking is truly a great way to start the week. I was having fun making projects for making memories, when I asked Drew to take my picture.
Tuesday-The worse thing about working three part time jobs, is that I don't have enough time to clean my home. On this day, I just got home from dropping the ki
ds at school. I had been awake since 4:30am. I went to the lab and worked from 5am to 7:30am and then headed back home to get the kids fed and dressed for school. After I dropped them off at school, I came home to: a dirty kitchen, a disaster of a family room, and piles of dirty laundry. It was so bad, it was almost funny.
Wednesday-Although exhausted from the last three days, (notice the bags under my e
yes?) I was very happy to have finished all my projects on time and accomplish my research goals for the week. I was so happy that I asked Alex to take a picture of me in my moment of triumph.
Thursday- I woke up Thursday still happy from the success of Wednesday. It was
unusual to wake up on a Thursday and not feel overwhelmed by all the unfinished work and looming deadlines. Before heading out to Paneras for a self-indulgent caramel latte and egg souffle, I ran into the bathroom and snapped this picture. I look goofy as usual, but hey, this is who I am.
Friday-It's not very often that I get a headache, but for some reason I got o
ne this week. I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda (a great movie by the way!) We also did several errands. By late in the afternoon, I noticed a headache coming on and it lasted til early the next day. I asked Rob to take this picture of me when the headache was at it's worst. I'm just thankful I don't get headaches very often.

Wow, Leah! You are an inspiration to us all! Thank you so much for being our Guest Designer this week!


Here are the X Team's Layouts!

I'm not a Robot
By Kinsey


1. Failure- creative block much? Yeah, today I pretty much sucked at life...not a good feeling. Just having one of those days where nothing is right and it all feels unbalanced.
2. Bloated & gross- Well, it's about that time, so naturally I'm crying about lame ads on tv and feeling bigger than usual and all around blah...times like these I tend to hole up and stay away from people in general. Oh well, it explains yesterday at least. ha.
3. Creative- I woke up this morning with tons of ideas. I'll forget most of them by noon but at least I've got mojo today :) It's days like these that keep me going. Love the creative vibe...that place where curiosity meets innovation to make something new and fresh. good.
4. Stoked- went to Green Tangerines today and completed all the paperwork, which means that I'm officially a teacher there! Such good news! Walking on sunshine right now...I even rolled down the windows and yelled lyrics to my fave songs on the way home. Just like a cheesy movie...haha.
5. Lazy- this one's gonna be short. I'm not feeling it. Total laziness right now. I'm having a hard time changing the channel. Yep. I'm in the mood to keep the couch company. All day.


Five Days In My Crazy Life
By Emily


Day1- Tired and Overwhelmed from the boys' birthday party
Day2-Packing, packing, and more packing...
Day3-Got the call from MLS! Feeling So Proud!

Day4-Lily says Mama!!!
Day5-So in love with this little girl!


5 Days of Me
By Amy


Self portraits taken from 6/9-6/14 2008


By Kimberly

Journaling: Fully content and fully loved everday

*************************************************************************************Now it's your turn Experimenters!!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the RAK.

We can't wait to see YOUR takes on the challenge! We hope that if you've never joined us for a challenge here at The Design Experiment, that you are inspired to do so today!


This one is so fun...thanks for the inspiration on this Monday!!

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Leah....soooo happy to have you this week! you did an aMAZING job!

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Yes, I was insane enough to do self portraits at 3am!


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