Challenge #12

Posted by The Design Experiment on 4:35 PM
It's that time again!

Here is Prompt 12, which comes from Wendy:

What remains constant in your life? Things in our lives change on a daily basis. What is the one thing that remains a constant in your life?

Awesome Wendy!

Here are the X Team's Layouts:

My Constant
By Wendy


Thank you for all that you do! :) Talk, type, talk, type, talk, type, talk, type. Oh my sweet personal phone. :) We have been pals for many a years. You have gone through a lot of changes. So have I. But you have been constant. Always there when I need to call for help. Thank you!

She's My Constant
By Emily


She is the constant in my life. My mom. No matter what, she is always there for me. She always listens, even is she doesn't "get it", she listens. She is my biggest cheerleader, my biggest fan. She is my best friend.

By Kimmi


Happiness is constant when I am with you.

By Leslie


To you it's just a family photo. To me it's my life.
My constant. My everything. They may change
over time - but they will always be my FOREVER.

(be back soon - off for publication)
Forever My Constants
By Dena


They are my constants. My mom and my sisters. Always there in the good times and bad. They always forgive, love, support and care. I couldn't ask for more. It has always been us girls, we have each other and that is so reassuring. They are my constant in life. My family.

Now it's your turn Experimenters!!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the RAK.


Hey girls! thanks so much for letting me play along with you this week. I absolutely adore everyones layouts! they are fabulous! It was a wonderful challenge and I had a lot of fun :)

Amazing stuff. You gals have over the top talent! Good choice on Dena. She ROCKS!!

Great challenge Wendy!!! And awesome layouts girlies!!!

Great job Dena!!!

Great Challenge...and great inspiration for the DT layouts :)

Here's mine...


here's mine. TFL!


Here is mine!
TFL :)

This is my first challenge!! This was fun to think about! Thanks for letting me play.


Just in time (I hope!)

Was good to change my way of making this page again! Not only scrap nice pics, but also thought and things you want to express.

Here is my page, translation in English is also on that page. Journal is in Dutch.


Thanks a lot for the nice challange!!!


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Thanks for this challenge, it's the first tine taht I play along!!

So here's my entry


thanks for looking!

thank goodness you're on the west coast!! almost didn't make it on time! congrats to all the new design team members - you're all amazing, can't wait to see what you do! here's my take:


Just under the gun....found this blog by way of Sasha..and was instantly inspired by this week's challenge...I hope I link this correctly.