Challenge #13

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Hi Everyone!

Our challenge this week is all about words. We use them everyday, to express our feelings, to communicate. Did you know that the average woman says 20,000 words a day? An average man says only 7,000! We ladies sure like to gab! Do you have words that you continuously say throughout the day? A Trademark phrase? Start thinking about it! Here is your challenge for week 13:

Words...we all have our favorites. What is YOUR favorite word and why? Does it have a particular meaning? Do you say it a thousand times a day?


We are so excited to have Rachel Carlson as our Guest Designer this week!

Rachel Says:

Hello, My name is Rachel. I'm a 30+something-year-old - hee, hee! OKAY, I'll be 40 this September and it's driving me INSANE! My husband and I just moved to a house that was built in 1910 with a new puppy to add to the fur count - affording me much to document in the way of scrapbooking!

I started scrapbooking five years ago, the proper way, and just last year crossed over to the digital side. And while I do still enjoy paper, I do like the challenges that digital allows me too.

I work at a fabulous scrapbook store where I also teach on occasion. I'm on a few design teams as well and enjoy the time I have spent traveling to tradeshows, meeting amazing people and learning the industry.

Thank you so much Design X for allowing me to be a guest designer. Your challenges are fabulous and I look forward to much more inspiration from all of you!


Here is Rachel's Creation for Challenge 13:

By Rachel Carlson


-The Mantra, When Bad Things Happen:
Like a bad photo
Or Bad Hair
Or Bad News
Or Bad Anything

Thank you Rachel! You are so talented and we are so happy to have you as a guest at The Design Experiment this week!


Here are the X Teams' layouts!

By Leslie


"Here's the PERFECT chance to use my favorite word!
I say it so much I don't even realize it! It comes so EASY
to me. After what seemed like 5 kazillion times - I finally got
a cute picture of Potter boy. But REALLY? (You have to have
the right tone) It's NOT just a ? It's a little sarcastic "REALLY" -
you want to take forever? OR "REALLY?" You want to pull out
in front o me? OR just "REALLY?" - as in disbelief. I {heart} "REALLY"
(p.s. thanks buddy for the pic...really!)

By Mia


Being a hopeless romantic, it’s only natural for me to choose the word ‘love’ as my favorite. For me it has so many meanings, it is full of happiness but is equally intertwined with sadness. There are so many different kinds of love and that’s what I love about it. It’s so diverse yet so powerful. Love can bring people together and at the same time tear you apart. Love can be physical and materialistic. Love is greater than any one person. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t say it. In fact I say it several times a day, sometimes in private and other times out loud. I say it more to some people than to others. I am definitely not afraid to shout it out to the world. I guess it’s true what people say that “this is what makes life divine.”

By Emily


It's a naughty word to some, and I'll admit I still can't say it in front of my grandma or mom, but I totally say Fuck more than any other word. What other word do you know that can express exactly what you need? What other word is a noun, verb, and adjective, all rolled into one delightfully crisp punctuation?! So, forgive my monstrous mouth, for I cannot help my love affair with this fabulous word!

By Wendy


Apparently I use the word seriously a lot! I guess I never noticed so I can't say why I do or why it has meaning to me. :) It just comes out! I mean... seriously!

By Kimmi


That I woke up too early this morning and couldn't fall back asleep. that my hair is taking forever to dry. that it just won't fix right. that I have nothing to wear. nothing that fits. nothing that's clean. that I can't find Brayden's left shoe. it just seems that's the one that always goes missing. that drivers on the interstate cannot drive. that my waitress is taking far too much time and being really rude. that Trav called and he now has to work extra late tonight. that the internet is way to slow. that my computer won't stop freezing. that Trav ordered pizza for dinner, which caused me to break my diet again. that there's no hot water left. that the house is a wreck. that no one is reachable. with cell phones, you'd think you could get in touch with who you're looking for - not. that that they just don't answer. aggravated- not necessarily my favorite word, but it's the word my husband says is my favorite. obviously I just get easily---->aggravated.

By Sasha


One of my favorite words I use everyday is love. Its meaning is so sentimental and strong, I say it to my kids and husband at least 20x's a day. I need it, live it, breathe it.

By Kinsey


If words could be ‘played out’, Sammo would *so* be retired by now. I must say it like a bajillion times a day. There’s a story behind the name…I didn’t always call Samuel ‘Sammo’. Nope, it took hold when Bri was about 3 years old. Her and daddy went through a rather endearing James Bond phase where it was all they watched. Sam’s full name is Samuel James Wilson and Bri asked about it one night while watching James Bond. Sam told her his full name so, naturally she started calling him “Sammo James Bond Wilson”. Well, it kinda stuck and I eve n latched on to it and called him Sammo Bond for the longest until that became a mouthful and now it’s just Sammo.

Seriously, it is one of my favorite words. Love him. Love Bri. Love that we make up words for eachother. We’re a fun group…Sammo, Nerdigan and Boogerloo. That’s us.

June 2008


By Amy


This is my favorite word. This one covers it all. From happy to annoyed, and I use it all the time!


Now it's your turn Experimenters!!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the RAK.

We can't wait to see YOUR takes on the challenge! We hope that if you've never joined us for a challenge here at The Design Experiment, that you are inspired to do so today!


Awesome pages ladies! You totally blow me away!

Can't wait to see what everyone does with this prompt.


No seriously, that's my word! Dude! Been thinking about doing a page on it anyways since a friend commented on it!

These are AWESOME!!!! LOVE them all! Totally blown away by all the great inspiration this week! xoxo

dan emily took my word....FUCK a duck!

but fear not...i have others i use on a regualr basis!!

Well, I did it. I think I could have a problem...this is too fun. Thanks for the challenge. It made me think.

You can check it out here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone elses.

OK, I did. This is my first time participating in the challenges at the urging of my super cute friend Wendy!! So, here it is: http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b52/AngelKriC/Scrapbooking/DSC_6028.jpg

And here's my journaling:

It's not the most ladylike word to use, but it is usually the first word that comes from my mouth. It's also one of the most versatile words I know. I can use it in happiness, sadness, anger and frustration.

Thanks for looking!

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the HTML, so try this:


Oh I hope this works!!

This is my first time to join a challenge here. Couldn't resist because have been wanting to scrap an everyday exchange between my daughter and I. Thanks for the inspiration!

My layout is at http://miamc.multiply.com/photos/album/20#33

Title: You Know What? I Love You!

Journaling: Not a day passes by without us having this exchange. Sometimes You ask it, sometimes I do. But it doesn't matter who starts it... We both know the answer. I love you, Raya! Age 4


Mia - Very pretty

from: Mommyvictory

Thanks for the challenge! All the DT pages were so awesome!!
Here is my take:



Here's mine:


I wanted to make it girly, since I don't think dude is very girly word.

Thanks for the challenge guys, all of your DT LO's are awesome and inspiring YAHH!
Here's my LO...

Oh! I just discovered your awesome challenge blog :D It's so great! And aren't you really talented girls!!!
This was so fun, and I had to play along!

Here is my take one it. Fabulous!

I'm loving these challenges and can't wait for the next one...here's this week's.