Challenge #18

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Hi Experimenters! Happy Monday and we hope you all are having a fabulous start to your week. We hope you'll be able to join us again for this week's challenge. Again we take both paper and digital entries. So, now onto this week's challenge which is brought to you by Emily.

What do you remember about your Senior Year in High School? Did you have a lot of friends? Were you popular, unpopular? If the people you went to High School with saw you now, what do you think they would say?

Our guest designer this week is the amazing Debee Campos.

A little bit about Debbee:
Hi! My name is Debee Campos. I LOVE art. I especially love messy art. And am so happy to be guest designing with you girls. I am a Fashionista at Scrap in Style TV. One thing that challenged me was the journaling. My goodness, I really had a tough start. Writing my thoughts has always been tough for me, especially about senior year in high school. But then I searched deep down inside to my Sassy Sashaness and found my voice. So here it is, all crazy and jumbled. Pretty much my random thoughts about school and pressure with a splash of art. Thanks girls for your vision and directing me to speak my thoughts down on paper. I cannot wait to see everyone's take on this prompt! :)

Find Your Voice
By: Debee Campos
fortunately high school is not forever...
there's always a prom queen
beauty contests
the rules of high school
put downs
revenge in high school
i so wished to graduate early

silent and curious yet never enough to get too close and get burned
why do people still act like their in high school???!
bad year book photos :)
let go of bad teachers and hold onto tomorrow

never the prom queen and never kept score of popularity
stupid high school
be real. I am what I am still 11 years later
find your voice

Some days I have bad days. Sometimes there are bad days. move on. I get caught up in my own insecurity and I wish I could take a class to really believe the girl inside is beautiful just the way she is. Stand up and fight to accept that life is so not about being popular and fake. stand up don't wish you were someone else. One of them. You get an A in class but it really doesn't mean a thing?! Stand up!

Never believe the bad things you hear about other people.na na na. Some people make up their minds to be so cruel and mean...jerks. They make up their mind to not be your friend. You, nerd. Them, all stars. We have more in common than not la la la. Sorry that it got this way...so hard to explain what people are thinking.

That guy liked me and he threw spit balls at me. um. That was so kinder dude. And NO! I will NOT NOT NOT go to prom with you! Grow up! Sheesh.

There is not perfect guy. Especially in high school. well at least at MY high school. too many fighting dorks. Willing to hurt someone for a gang. No crushes. No prince...just a bunch of frogs. ugly. ugly. Inside and out ones...saved my heart and kept it away from them. Cute or not. Pretty or not. Waiting or not. Silly or not. It was the right choice. No broken heart to have to mend. Just assure me that he'll come. And love me for me. Caring and tender hearted. Full of passion and real love for me, I belong to you.

Happy. 97* full of hope. Thankful. Aspiring daily to live a life of love with grace.

Who Knew?
By: Emily
Journaling: Looking at this picture, now that six years have passed, I can’t help but be amazed. Here I was just newly eighteen years old. I had no idea what my future would be, no idea what would lay ahead. I had so many dreams and aspirations, goals I had set for myself. I had no clue that this very night I would turn down my first marriage proposal, only to accept another one less than three months later. I had no clue that almost one year to the day from this picture, I would be bringing a life into this world. The girl people saw on this day six years ago was a funny, happy, yet undecided young woman. Just six short years later, I am a mother to three, a partner of six years, and a woman with a destiny, and a purpose. This night was not just Prom Night for me, this was the beginning of life. The beginning of forever.

High School Days
By: Sasha
Journaling: Contrary to what one might think ... I was not the popular one in high school by engaging ... I was actually quite shy and reserve. I have lots of friends only because I ran track and was on the varsity team. Outside of track and field I did not have many friends because of who my parents were and many people thought I was stuck up, I was one of those kids that were judged based off of that ... but that was normal. If only they could see me now ... they would say ... wow, I can't believe you are the same girl in High School that barely said a word in class ... and now you just won't stop talking ... but I know I am doing a lot better than those I figured were going to be lawyers and doctors ... that's for sure an let it be known I am damn proud of that fact. But looking back on it all, I loved high school and all it had to offer, even if some people were bastards I guess I would not trade anything for the world, even that world.

A Time To Remember
By: MiaJournaling: Senior year. All I can say is WOW! That sure was a fun year. It was the last year of carefree fun, after that I had to grow up, fast! I was never part of the popular group at school and by then I was ok with it. I had a close group of friends, most of whom I'm still close to today. I also had my softball buddies who I saw on Fridays. I finally made the varsity softball team too. So all was good even though I felt awkward and was more of a tomboy. But that was then, now things are different. I don't know what they would say now but heck, I don't care as I am me! Take it or leave it!

It's your turn Experimenters!! Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the RAK.We can't wait to see YOUR takes on the challenge! We hope that if you've never joined us for a challenge here at The Design Experiment, that you are inspired to do so today!


Oooh I loved this weeks challenge. X Team the layouts are FABULOUS .. I cannot wait to see what you ladies come up with ..

So play along ..


you girl so know how to rock
really really
thank again!

I almost didn't do this one because my senior year wasn't really a happy time. But it was good for me to get it down somewhere. So thanks :)