Challenge #20

Posted by The Design Experiment on 9:43 PM
Hi there Experimenters! We hope you are having a fabulous summer!

If you are like us, and really, most people, you find yourself traveling in the summer. Some of us go to gradparents homes, or a couple of us girls just came back from CHA in Chicago. Some of us have visited the beach, others have taken day trips. But really, sometimes the best part of a vacation, is coming home. Opening the door and breathing in your house, or having your children run to you with open arms, saying they've missed you. No matter where you travel, or how long you are gone, whether it be one day, or one month, we all find comfort in our homes.
So, we bring you challenge 2o from Amy:

What in your home makes you happy? What do you look at and think really makes your home yours. Create a LO about these thing(s).


Our wonderful guest designer AND our generous sponsor this week is the beautiful and talented Wendy Rago from Bad Girl Kits!

A bit about Wendy:

My love of art began as a small child. Instead of playing with dolls, my choice was weaving potholders, painting by numbers, and cutting up paper. I always knew I would be an artist, and of course I followed that dream, and became an Interior Designer. Here we are years later, and I followed another dream…I now own BAD GIRLS KITS. I wanted to create an artistically nurturing place where all artists would not only be welcome, but where you would not be allowed to stay stagnant…you are constantly pushed out of your comfort zone, with kits that are not just inspiring, but constantly different. It is a constant inspiration to watch so many artists grow.&n bsp; It is my belief to become the best artist you possibly can, you must be constantly challenged, and this is what we hope to accomplish. I hope you will come and visit soon!
When I am not diving into some medium of art, you are more than likely to find me haunting antique stores, shopping at the JUICY boutique, curled up with a good book, or out taking a drive somewhere in Southern California where I live with my husband Peter and my 2 children.

By Wendy Rago


In my home it is the tiny details that make me feel happy. The feel of all these things when combined really make my home feel cozy. From bows on the silk draperies to the cute little colorful rooster in the kitchen….they just speak to me and say….your home.

Thank you Wendy for your beautifully detailed layout and your continued support of us at The DesignX!

By Amy


If I had to pick one 'thing' in my house that makes me happy, it would have to be this wall of pictures. It's in my family room and I look at it everytime I walk in . It reminds me how wonderful my life is and how blessed I really am. These pictures make my house a home.


Gates + Sidewalks = <3
By Emily

As silly as it sounds, my favorite thing about our new house is the neighborhood we live in. Being in a gated community makes me feel secure. It make me feel like my kids are safe, makes me feel like I am in the middle of Pleasantville. And equally as exciting to me are the sidewalks. I know it's weird, but living in an area with no sidewalks for 5 years has been hard. Now I am free to take the kids for a walk around the block without the fear of cars whizzing by, or strollers being stuck in gravel (something I have experienced many times!) I finally feel like we are HOME. I finally feel like we are where we are meant to be.


Mine (All) Mine
By Leslie


My fave place in my house has to be my cross wall in our entry. Something about walking through the front door & seeing this gives me the greatest peace. Collected from all over, my crosses are my whole heart. My peace. Mine :)


Our Home Is Comfort
By Sasha

Sasha Says:

This is a mini in progress to add to, it describes all the comforts of my home.


A big HUGE thanks to Wendy from Bad Girls Kits for sponsoring us this week!

We are sooooo excited to be giving away their AUGUST monthly kit!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the prize. We can't wait to see YOUR takes on the challenge! We hope that if you've never joined us for a challenge here at The Design Experiment, that you are inspired to do so today!


GORGEOUS layouts ladies!! Great job on the challenge! Fun challenge Amy..thanks!!

Thanks for guesting for us this week Wendy! Your layout is beautiful! Thanks also for your generous RAK donation! What a lucky person to get one of your kits! :)

LOVE the LO's for this week's challenge .. WOW. Wendy thanks for saying YES TO THE DRESS..oh wait DT spot haha..you ROCK..

Let's see what you do this week ladies..the Bad Girls Kit club is smokin hot.


Loved seeing everyone's homey stuff! There really is no place like home! Glad I was able to play again before I left for holidays, here is my take:



All the Lo the DT did are wonderful. Thanks for doing such beautiful job each week. What a fun topic this week.

Here is my take.

Hi, here my entry!


You are all amazing ladies that create amazing work. Here is my layout for your viewing pleasure. You all inspire me!


Great Inspirations from the ladies here !! My take :

Thank u.

here is mine...


Hi there! I'm a newbie1 this is my very first challenge and what a GREAT one! I really had fun with this and it was a great way for me to express what my home means to me. My journaling was supposed to be in black ink but my darn printer ran out. So here's my submission

AWESOME creations girls! Love them all!

This is an awesome challenge! I've been reading along for several weeks but this is my first time to participate. Here is my take on this week's idea: http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1378120

Thanks for the inspirational idea and layouts!

Im way too late with this as you have picked a winner already, but its not about the winning this was a great challenge and I wanted to do it so my attempt is now on my blog. Ill try and get the next one in on time lol!