Winner of Challenge #2!!!

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Jenn, we all are awed by you and your super-human strength! Thank you so much for sharing this layout and this piece of yourself and history with us.

You're Amazing
By Jennsue


Your Amazing
Thats what everyone said when I went threw the loss of my son William. It sill amazes me that I was able to handle seeing my sweet baby boy laying lifeless in his tiny coffin, a sight no parent should ever have to see. I remember seeing the sadness on peoples faces of the hundreds of friends family and suporters Who were there to mourn the death of a baby not just any baby my baby. There faces were so sad some women fell apart when the saw Williams tiny body laying so still. I am in awe still how I could gently tell those people that it's OK I will be with him again one day. I am sill amazed that I made it threw not one but 2 services. I don't know were the strength came from but I am glad I had it. I was told by many that I handled my sons death with such grace. I don't know if that's a complement I ever wanted to have.


YAY!! Jennifer...your layout was so touching!

LOVE this layout!!! Congrats on the challenge:)

What a Beautiful LO!! Jennifer YOU are Amazing!!!!

Congrats Jennifer! Your LO was so Beautiful.

Wow I won. This was a great challenge. Thanks for letting me play along!!!

Congrats Jennifer!! We love you girlfriend...what an incredible layout!! MWAH!!!