Challenge #6

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Hey all you Experimenters!

This week our challenge is brought to you by Leslie!

Remember as a child the times you thought monsters were under your bed
or in your closet?
What was a fear you had as a child?
Do you still fear it today?

Ooooooh!! Good one Leslie!

Here are the X Team's layouts:

I Just Can't
By Leslie


They can be happy as can be. I will have NO part of them. Nope, not one single grin, smirk, NOTHING! YUCK! Since I can remember - clowns have always freaked me OUT. "Balloon for you?" NOPE, just move along, let me
grab my mom's leg. I will never like them. They make my skin cr awl. No thanks...I' m ready to escape. GO!"

By Kimberly


The Key to my Fears,
When I was a little girl, I used to have many fears. Such as...the dark, clos ed in Spaces, Spiders, and many more... The key for me in overcoming my fears has come from my faith and d aily practice in prayer. I am still tempted to be afraid at times, but I am quickly remin ded of the protection I have had through my own personal experiences in my life, to simply trust in God and His perfect will and plan for me. This is how I am able to surrender all my worries to Him and find peace in the midst of my fears today.

Shadows and Bumps!
By Wendy


My fear as a child and still a little bit now was the shadows downstairs. Y our eyes play games with you. Toying with your mind. You think you see something but it's really not there. Noises coming from unexpected places in the house. EAK!

I hate those moments!

Fear is Ok?
By Collette


Afraid to be scared.
It was instilled in me at a very young age that
showing fear equated weakness.
Thankfully I know better now, and I am no longer
afraid to be scared.

The Dream
By Emily


As a young girl, I had not many fears. Of course I feared the occasional spider that made its way up from the bathtub drain, but there was only one thing I truly feared. Only on e thing that left me in a cold sweat, crying out for my mothers loving arms. It was The Dream. It was a recurring nightmare that I experienced from the earliest I can remember.

It starts with little me. I am standing in a courtyard in between two square planter boxes. I notice there is only dirt inside these boxes. Suddenly I have the realization th at I am being chased by a man. I run as fast as my chubby little legs can carry me. I reach my a rms out in front of me, moving them as if I’m swimming through the air. This somehow propels me faster and faster and I reach a stairwell. I run up the stairs, tripping over favorite childhood t oys, as my pursuer remains hot on my trail. Suddenly, as if by magic (as happens so often in dreams) I find myself inside my grandmothers home, running down the hallway. I duck inside her bedroom, throw myself underneath her bed and am surprised and relieved to find a trap door. I crawl inside the unfamiliar haven, and peek out the top, only to see my pursuer’s shoes entering the room. He nears the bed, and I wake up. I wake up drenched in sweat, sheets twisted, my heart beating out of my chest, and I scream out for my mother. It’s alwa ys like this, always the same. Never do I find the courage to recount the dream to her, afra id tha t speaking the words will somehow make the nightmare real.

I’ve often read through books that interpret dreams, but never have I been able to deduce any hidden meanings inside my nightmare. Perhaps the man behind the dream is at the root of the fear. Perhaps if I could see his face, know who he is, I could understand wh y I lived in fear for my entire childhood. Perhaps the dream could explain the innate fear of men I s uffered throughout my life.
But I do know this. I have not had the dream once since I met my husband.

Not once.

The Dark
By Patti


I'm not sure when it started
but I always remember being
afraid of the dark. As a child

I remember shaking in my
bed if I woke up during the
night. Even now as an adult
there are times when it still
happens. I don't want my
kids to be afraid so I try so
hard not to show my fear...
but it's very hard. If they call
my name at night I panic. I
hope that I don't have to move.

By Kimmi


Loneliness was one of my greatest fears growing up. I feared that I
would never find someone to spend my life with. Someone that would
take care of me, put up with me, and make me truly happy. I finally
overcame this fear after meeting Travis. He took that fear away for
me. I thank God everyday for allowing me to find that someone that
would take the loneliness away.


By Kristi

Pot typhotophobia: the fear of someone taking your photo while you are going potty.
I have always peed more than the average person. When I was a little girl, my family even made fun of me by saying, “I gotta go Kristi,” when they had to go the bathroom (mainly when driving many miles for vacations). In this photo, we were on a canoe trip and when Kristi has to go . . . Kristi has to go. So, I went. And what can be worse than squatting in the high grass worrying about something biting your hiney? Of course, that would be someone taking your phot o while you are squatting in the high grass and worrying about something biting your hiney. Do I still have this fear? No. Do I still squat in high grass when there is not a bathroom in sight? You can bet your hiney I do.

Thank you so much Kristi! Your layout is too funny!

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OMGoodness you girls RAWK! Kristi girl...this is AWESOME and so HILARIOUS too! AWESOME RAK Les...I can't wait to see what everyone does for this fun challenge now too!

I lovedddddddddddd this challenge! Not my layout so much. LOL

Everyone did such a fantastic job!

I can't wait to see what everyone else does. Let's see it scrappers!


I can't see the layouts so Wendy e-mailed them to me and they are fabulous!!! Great job girls! Love them.

Leslie, did you know I was in a clown troupe in high school? lol

Thanks girls, this was a lot of fun!

YAY, I can see the layouts now!!!
It seemed like a good idea at the time to scrap that photo . . . now I am having second thoughts! lol

Can't wait to see everyone elses!!!

Great stuff girls!! Sorry mine's not up yet...had a rough weekend! I hope to get it done today and post!

YAY!!!! I can finally see the layouts!! They look FABULOUS everyone, fabulous!!

Kristi...your layout is so cute!! I love it! I'm so glad you joined us this week!!

OHHHH and yes....I remember your clown pic on your blog...did I ever tell you I shriek when I saw that? LOL!! I know what a cutie clown you are, not scary...but...well....

LOVE YA though!

Here is my layout...it's raw, honest and authentic...I determined long ago that everything I scrapbooked would be all those things...


And Leslie, did you know that fear of clowns is one of the biggest phobias of childhood? (I'm a therapist, I'm paid to know these things. ha)

Sorry, guess the last link didn't copy completely...here's a link to my layout on my blogpost:


Everyone did a SUPER job on this challenge!!!

Love love them ALL:)

thanks for the op! kristi is a blog friend and i'm so glad to have found this challenge blog!

here's mine:


These LO's are amazing!!! I love everyone's take on the challenge.

Here is mine:



What awesome pages from everyone! This challenge was just great. Here's mine. http://www.amillionmemories.com/forum/viewlayout.php?id=7878

Awesome pages ladies. Here's my entry:




Thanks for an awesome challenge! Can't wait to see the next one!