Challenge #9!

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Hello Everyone!

Are you ready for Challenge #9?!

Today's challenge is from Emily:

"We as humans tend to be over-critical of ourselves. For this challenge, journal about yourself twice. Once as YOU see yourself, and again as others see you, (the real you). Why do you think you are critical of yourself? Why do you think it is more socially acceptable to be self deprecating as opposed to being self assured?"

Awesome Challenge Em!

Here are the X Team Layouts:

I See, U See
By Emily


I See:

A Stomach Ruined From Having 3 Kids
A Never-Good-Enough Mom
A Big Ass
A Scared Little Girl
No Self Confidence or Self Worth
Wide Hips
Hidden Pain
Anger Issues

U See:

A Beautiful Woman
Someone Who's Children Are Deeply Loved
An Hourglass Figure
A Kind Heart
A Self -Sacrificing Mom
A Beautiful Voice
A Woman Who Stands Tall

Shy Girl
By Kimberly


Journaling reads: Most of the time I feel like a shy girl. My kids think I'm wacky, but it's what we do that defines us. God Follower.

Where I Am Now
By Wendy Reed


I see myself in some ways in a good way but mostly negative. I dislike/like many things about my character, my personality, my physical appearance. I do love the me I have left behind and the me I have become. Looking back I never really had that time to grow and change into whom I was suppose to become. Although I felt mature and responsible especially becoming a mother and a wife at 18.

I went straight from high school to grown-uphood. My patience for some things has always been limited. I’ve tried to change that, even in the slightest with no such luck. I am very critical of things that push my patience button. I hate that I struggle to maintain friendships. I hold them so dear to my heart but if something in my life changes I tend to let go. I frustrate myself with this.

I love that when I am on track in my life with everything, all is good to me. I am proud of how strong of a person I have become and can fight anything head on that I believe in. I have no problem fighting for my family or friends. I am proud that I have a big heart and I prefer to give than to receive. If someone needs me I will do whatever I can to be there.

It’s hard to say how people perceive you. Most judgments come from those that don’t know me at all. They know of me but not really who I am. Most of the people in my life would say I am kind, generous, caring and funny. I love to have a good time and always try to find good in any bad situations I believe that things happen for a reason. The glass is always half-full with me. Never half-empty. I can and have been selfish and I work on that as situations arise. I am proud of the success people around me have and continue to gain.

I think it’s easier to be critical of you than to give yourself praise. Our society is forever criticize people, religions and ways of life because that’s how they were raised. The rights and wrongs of how we choose to live our lives. Which is just that… CHOOSE! What’s right for one person might not be right for another but does that make it ok to criticize who they are. Absolutely not!

On Cool Mom?
By Leslie


I see me as one silly mom ~ trying all I can to make my kids
laugh ~ trying OH so hard to be one "cool" mom. They see me
as that same GOOFY mom. BUT in the end it sure pays off
whey they tell me I AM a "pretty cool" mom. That's all I
need to hear.

Who Am I?
By Kimmi

I May seem stress free. It may not seem like I have a worry in the world. To you I'm just a lucky stay at home mom with lots of things. I seem to appear happy all around. To me, I'm a worried mess. I stress about everything. I only have things because my husband works long hours and days, to get those things, which puts stress on our relationship. Being a stay at home mom is definitely not the easiest job in the world. I have no self confidence. I feel ugly and small. I feel like I don't matter.

I see, U see
By Amber


I see a broken girl. I see scars. I see self-doubt. I see fears. I see pain. I see a child, but I also see Jesus. I see forgiveness. I see strength and courage. I see hope.

U see happiness. U see smiles. U see brightness. U see passion. U see excitement. U see my faith. U see confidence and now you see my heart and my soul.

Now it's your turn Experimenters!!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win this RAK:

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WOW!!! These are all so AWESOME! Amber...Lahooove what you created too! Just totally AWESOME Realness going on here and so much fun! What a great challenge and you all RAWKED it! I can't wait to see what other's create with this challenge now! xoxo

Really want to say WTG to you all!!! You put yourselves out there & that's hard to do sometimes. I think I may give this a try!

All your Layouts are great. I just came across this blog and what fun challenges. I think I will give it a try.

i really love what you guys are doing here with the challenges! i think your prompts are challenging AND meaningful (which is very refreshing!); i PROMISE i will try very hard to post a layout for this, i really want to show my support, you guys are great!

..okay so I went ahead and got a google account, I use typepad and it was no option for me to load (sawry) hee hee..okay so here is my take on your challenge. Just right up my alley RAW and REAL journaling..


Love this blog and the ideas. Think I would like to play along...


Thank you for the fun challenge.

These pages are all so very beautiful, and heart felt. Thanks for teaching us and sharing your most inner thoughts with the rest of us.

You always have a great idea and your layout are so beautiful ! Thanks for sharing with us !

Here's mine : http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&gallery=1&layout_id=1344011 or here : http://doado.over-blog.com/article-19647659.html


This was TOUGH!
Thanks for the challenge.


Loved this challenge. Here's my entry:


Can't wait for the next TDX challenge!