Challenge #10

Posted by The Design Experiment on 8:13 PM
Happy Sunday Experimenters!

As the weekend draws to a close, are you dreading Monday? If so, this week's challenge is probably something you will enjoy!

Our challenge this week comes from Kimmi:

Scrap your typical day. What do you do everyday? Is there a c
ertain ritual you HAVE to perform everyday to feel complete? Is there something you are obligated to everyday? What do you like about your typical day? Would you change something?

Here are the X Teams' Layouts:

Enjoy Today: May 19
By: Kimmi

I created a mini book to log details of my day by the hour. I added some transparencies and journaling cards that also hold photos.

My Everyday Life
By Kimberly


My kids running the rest of the way home as soon as they see me is the Best!





Everyday...(Excruciatingly The Same, Yet Stunningly Different)
By Emily


Some days it seems like all I do is get up, do dishes, do laundry, do the cleaning, all in between wiping butts and making lunches, and wiping noses.
It’s the life of a stay-at-home mom. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to venture out and have a job outside the house, somewhere I would be called Mrs. Jones, not “moooooommmmmyyyyy!” Somewhere I would be paid for my work. Somewhere everyone is old enough to wipe their own butt.
But then I realize, the trade off is sending my babies to daycare, and having a stranger raise them, having a stranger play with my kids, and not being there for the funny little moments throughout the day. Even though they make me want to tear my hair out most days, I live for the snuggles at nap time, the giggles throughout the day. Besides, If I did have a “real” ‘big girl” ‘grown up job” I would come home to dishes, laundry and cleaning to do anyway!!!

The Wrench In My Schedule
By Amy Coose


My schedule, like most mom, is jam packed with my kids' activities. Each day starts too early and ends too late, with no time in between. I don't know when I thought I'd be able to take care of a new puppy, with the walks, training, etc. No matter how hard it gets-I'm still so glad you put a wrench in my schedule.

Now it's your turn Experimenters!!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the RAK.


LOVED this challenge, it was fun to scrap something OTHER than people.
Thanks for the challenge. :)


I decided on a mini album... hope you like it!!! Fabulous challenge yet again! Thanks girls!


I think this was my favorite challenge so far! here's my work...