Challenge #8

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This week our challenge comes from Kimberly!

Our challenge this week is to honor our mothers! What is one positive trait you have inherited from you mom?

We sure love our mamas!!!

Here are the layouts from the X Team:

Hero By


Growing up wasn't always easy in our home...
but there was always JOY. There are many things my mom has passed on to me that I cherish, but one thing that stands out more than any other. She taught me to always think positive, and believe for great things. This one attribute/habit has brought me through my own life's personal challenges smiling. I'm so blessed to call her mom, she's my HERO, and my friend.

In Mom Sync
By Wendy


My Mom and I always have a good time. We have this uncanny ability to make good of almost any situation. We make people laugh, we turn frowns upside down, we make each other smile. We're in total sync!

We laugh a lot when we are together. When we go shopping it's always a fantastic day filled with laughs. I love that this is one of the great things my Mom has passed on to me. I think it's so important to smile every day even if you are going through a rough time.

Some times it's just a little smile that can get you through the day.

Remember... Smiles are contagious!!!

She Is The Reason
By Emily


My love of musical theater is not something I just stumbled upon one day. It 100% comes from my mom. The earliest I can remember I was watching "The Sound of Music" staring up at Julie Andrews in awe, wishing I was her. I would sing in my backyard, spread my arms wide, and sing: "The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music!" I would imagine myself as Christine, a captive in a theater basement, locked away from the world by the "Phantom of The Opera." I would sing, my voice traveling higher and higher, trying to match Sarah Brightman note for note.
I will be forever grateful to my mom for exposing me to musical theater at such a young age. She was never afraid to sing at the top of her lungs, and encourage us to join in. She wasn't afraid to dance across the room, as if in the arms of her Prince Charming, and she would beg us to dance with her too.
Of course, somewhere around the age of fourteen, I stopped wanting to sing and dance with her. It's normal for a teenager to look at their parents and think they are ridiculous, but I know that in my attempts to be "cool" I missed out on a lot of fun. Even when I thought it was dorky to be so animated, I still religiously sat down every Christmas and watched The Sound of Music with mom.
Now that I'm a mom, I want my kids to learn about and have a love for musical theater too. They are already used to me singing in the shower or belting out arias while doing the dishes. This is the norm for them. I beg Joey to dance with me when we are being silly.
Thanks to MY mom, I know that my children will be surrounded in a life filled with beautiful music, touching songs, and dances with make-believe princesses.

You Gave Me Creativity
By Kimmi


Creativity is the number one trait that I inherited from my mom. She has always been a crafty person. Sewing, taking photos and re-decorating our house time after time. I can remember her painting the walls in our house and changing the decor constantly. She even let me paint my bedroom walls whatever color I wanted, and whenever I wanted. (That includes t
hem being pink, navy blue, brown, white, yellow and even orange at one point in time.) She would sew me new curtains and pillow cases and help me paint wooden photo frames to match. She can take just about anything, old or new, and make it into something useful. Because of her, I have an interest in home decor, sewing and most importantly scrapbooking. Thank you mom for giving me the gift of creativeness.

By Leslie


She is my mom. Not only that - she is my very best friend. I am the luckiest girl
alive to have a mom like MY mom. I have to tell you - she is MY hero.
She has a heart of gold, loves everyone with everything she has, she has no enemies;
holds NO grudges. These are all traits she's passed on to her children. Her
biggest she's passed on to me has to be the ability to love with all of your heart.
I do that. A LOT. She also taught me how to forgive & forget.
This lady is the sweetest creation God has made. I love her with all of my heart.
Thank you Mom for all you've give to me. Thank you for loving me, for giving
your all - thank you for YOU. For because of you - I am: blessed,
loved, happy, full of life, strong, animated, silly, the ME I am.

Me and My Mom
By Donna


I've learned from you that being a good mom doesn't always mean that I have to follow the rules...which is good, because breaking them is much more fun!

Now it's your turn Experimenters!!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win this RAK:

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wow!!! If I have the time I'm surely gonna play!

I so love everyones layouts this time! (Ok well every time, but...) Tributes to parents are always so fantastic. Congrats girlies on another weeks layouts well done!


AMAZING creations girls...this is so much fun to see and read everyone sweet tributes to their moms! LOVE this! xoox

WOW girls!!! The layouts are so yummy!! I love seeing all the tributes to our Moms! :) Fabulous challenge Miss Kimberly...thank you!!

I have to agree with everyone here... these creations are fabulous and I also love that our moms are getting some love! Thanks for letting me play with you gals this month!!!
Hugs ~D~


Great layouts! Love this challenge Kimberly! Wendy, do you say that every time? lol Your's is great!

Again another great challenge! Thanks girls!

This is what I made:


This one was a tough one for me but I managed to work it out. My layout can be seen on my blog.


Wow, your layouts are truly stunning. I'm glad I stumbled on to your blog.


Here's mine! My mom loved the layout I did of her!