Challenge #51 Flashback

Posted by The Design Experiment on 1:35 AM
Hi Experimenters!

Have you ever looked back through old photos and wondered why you ever did something? Well, this week it's time for some flashback. We're challenging you to go through your old photos and take a walk down memory lane.

This week's prompt is brought to you by Divian. Your experiment this week is:

So, we all have those photos that we pull out and immediately shout, "What was I thinking!!!???" Whether it was the hairdo, the outfit, the makeup, what we were listening to... when we gather with friends from yesteryear, we almost always have to take a trip down 'memory lane'. I know that is the way it is for me. We all get together, start talking about the high school crushes... OH! OH! Remember that time you got kicked out of the lunch room, or threw eggs at the band director's house?! Dude. Totally me.

For this challenge, I want you to venture back. Go back to high school, junior high, college... when you were in your early teens or 20s and create a layout centered around, "What was I thinking!?" The title should be just that... What was I thinking, but you can make it about anything! So go on, drudge up those photos with you wearing your cutoff denim shorts, Dexter's penny loafers, hammer pants, or Aquanet hair spray and tell us about it!

Can't wait to see your projects, ladies!
This week we have the awesome, Renee Lamb, guesting with us.


Hey y'all! My name is Renee Lamb and I am married with 4 stepdaughters and a female boxer named Gracie! With all the estrogen flying about there is never a dull moment around these parts! My husband would attest to that! Ha ha! I love it and it is what gives me my inspiration to photograph and scrap!

I have been scrapbooking for a while but I would say more actively since joining the online world of crafting two years ago. I was immediately sucked in to all the inspiration and have been hooked ever since! I love to create and am typically drawn to bright colors and just like to have fun with my projects. I try to have that show in each creation. I have just recently had some work published in Scrapbook Trends, Paper Crafts and Creating Keepsakes.

I am extremely honored to be a Guest Designer for TDX since I come here for inspiration ALOT and really enjoy their challenges! You can read and learn more about me by visiting my blog: http://reneelamb.wordpress.com (Crazy Thing Called Life)

Thank you Renee for joining us this week and inspiring us with your work!
What Was I Thinking
By: Renee Lamb


I can empathize with the "awkward" stage having gone through one from 1988-1995. During a span of time that bigger was better. Big hair, big pants, big GLASSES.

That being said, seeing these pictures rocketed me right back to the late 80's - early 90's when I was between the ages of 9 and 11, in which I donned big glasses, neon colors, stone wash denim, and who can deny those McHammer pants. dun dun dun dun... "Can't touch this!" At this point in my personal time line, I had also not yet learned how to 1) personally style my hair or 2) have a sense of style (check out the denim shirt in Picture A). 3) Have the sense to sport glasses that would not be consistent with the size of a wind sheild. I even remember breaking these frames in a basketball game and turning around and getting the EXACT same pair in MAROON! I wore those things right up to the time I finally got contacts my Sophomore year in High School.

What was I thinking???

What Was I Thinking?
By: Glenda Tkalac


It was 1988 and I bought a Honda 500. John taught me how to ride it in the mall parking lot and then I was off! I thought that I was pretty damn cool, this chick with the big hair riding the big motorcycle! I remember once that I fell in the alley and I had to pick the bike up by myself - it took all I had but I did it! I used to love seeing the looks on people's faces when they would see me on the bike! I still can't believe though that I wore this tube top thingy riding! What the hell was I thinking? What if it would have fallen down??? Haha. Oh to be young again and not have a care in the world. I don't regret this, if anything I have some wicked memories!!!

Big Hair
By: Mye Murrell


Class of 1992, a time for big hair and big earrings!!
Can't say for sure what I was thinking, but I know I was styling!!!
Couldn't no one tell I wasn't cute with my big hair and hair cute!

What The Hell
By: Mia Caniza


was I ever thinking? I was 18 in this photo. It was my 1st year in college, my first year away from my parents. My 1st year of freedom, I could do anything I wanted. Well, as a gift to myself on my 18th birthday, I decided to get my hair done, specifically I wanted a perm. My hair has always been straight so I wanted some curls. Bad idea! It was cool the first few days but after that, ugh! Disaster! Never, ever again will I do something that stupid!

Alright Experimenters let's see your "What was I thinking?" moments. Thanks for playing .. now go Xperiment .


Hee hee...I loved seeing everyone's page! Thanks again ladies for allowing me to join in with you this week! I had a lot of fun! xoxoxoxoxo

Great challenge!!! Love everyone's take on it!!!

Fantastic job Renee.... u all ROCKED this challenge !

What a fun prompt this week!!! I might actually have some time to play with this!!! Lord knows I have PLENTY of photos from back in the day that would work well! HA HA HA! Love the layout Renee! Love everyone's take on it!

Super Rad!!!!