Challenge #26

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Hi Experimenters!

This weeks's challenge is all about FEARS. We all have them, they may be silly (Did you see the Maury Povich episode about the girl who was afraid of Pickles??!!!) or they may be debilitating. Maybe you have overcome a fear recently, or have acquired a new fear...tell us about it!

Challenge #26:

What is or are your biggest fear(s)? Do you think you can overcome it or is it just something that will stick with you no matter how hard you try to let go?


This week our wonderful Guest Designer is Tina Albertson!

A bit about Tina:

Scrapbooking to me is such a passion. I want the “small” stuff to matter, to be remembered, because too quickly those “little” memories can fade. Through scrapbooking I can preserve all those memories for future generations. I also NEED that creative outlet!!!

My scrapbooking style? I still haven’t figured that one out. My layouts are usually linear with a little bit of clutter, lol. Is that a style?!!! I usually like the focus to be on the pictures and journaling.

My favorite things to do while scrapbooking is listening to the playlist on my iPOD and eating peanut M & M’s. I also have a hard time concentrating so I take lots of breaks to get on-line and gather inspiration from some of my favorite artists.

I am one lucky girl to design for Pink Paislee, whose product never ceases to inspire me!

I am so happy that The Design Experiment has asked me to be a guest designer….I love nothing more than a GREAT challenge!!!


Why Am I Afraid?

By Tina Albertson


When Chad did a job working for the railroad a little over a year ago, I knew I would have to overcome my fear of staying alone in our house all night. Almost a year later, I still find myself terrified, unable to sleep, fearful of the little "What if's..." Why can't I get over this? I'm 31 years old for crying out loud! It's time to be a "Big Girl" and get over this ridiculous fear. After all, he only has 30 years left until retirement..

((Tina's layout will return shortly! It's been picked up for publication, CONGRATS Tina!!!))
What If...
By Leslie


Well here we go. It's your senior year in high school.
Can't believe it's REALLY here! It is going to fly by.
Before I know it, you're off to college. A world all
your own. {What if} I haven't prepared you? {What if}
you get lost? {What if} you get confused? {What if}
I haven't taught you all you need to know? That
my dear, will always be my fear....
Even though I know you'll really know what to do~
who to call~where to go....
But - do you?
I love you, Mom.

By Amy


Nobody prepared me for how fearful I'd be when I became a mom. I worry about the two of you constantly. I'll do anything to ensure that you are healthy and happy, because my biggest fear is that you won't be.

Biggest Fears
By Sasha


My biggest fear is that we experience another Black Tuesday my biggest fear is that because Osama Bin Laden is still a threat and that we, the Armed Forces have not found him, because we were sidetracked elsewhere … I fear that he will strike again. My biggest fear isthat this terrorist attack will go unpunished and I am not quite sure how to deal with that.


Now it's your turn Experimenters!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the RAK.

We can't wait to see YOUR takes on the challenge! We hope that if you've never joined us for a challenge here at The Design Experiment, that you are inspired to do so today!


Great challenge......love you projects. Lots to think about!

awesome projects. inspiring blog!

These are GORGEOUS creations...So happy to have you desiging with us! You are the sweetest and full of wonderful inspiring talent! xoo
Can't wait to see what you girls come up with this week! :))

Hi all... I've been following your blog for about a month now, each week casually thinking about how I might approach the current topic. It was funny to me, when I began thinking about what I am afraid of (I'm not overly fond of spiders, for example!), I really couldn't think of anything that I felt truly afraid of. But then, somewhere in the recesses, I remembered a great feeling of fear, the pit-of-your-stomach, weak-in-the-knees feeling of fear that I experienced several years ago, when my husband told me he no longer wished to be married. When I was faced with the prospect, that survival instinct kicked right in. I was not going to lose what we had fought for, and though it was not simple, we've made it. I honestly believe we'll be together now until "death does us part." My journal page can be seen at my website, Virginia Mosaics.

Lovely again ladies, yall are just kicken it out into overdrive .. and WOW Virginia thank you for sharing that with us all .. wow your fear turned into strength and that is just amazing.


Every time you guys come up with an awesome challenge and this was no exception!! I tried to limit all my fears to just the one page! haha



I just discovered this blog, and it's great!!! I love scrapbook challenges, and hope to find time to do this one!

GREAT job on all the creations!!

here's mine


virginia's is SO DEEP...i don't think i can TOUCH that...but, at least i tried!

here is a page regarding my BIGGEST fear...spiders! and how it changed as I got older and had more responsibility.


TFL! mandy

This is my first challenge I've done here at Design Experiment. Thanks for helping me tell my story. You can find it on my blog here


Wow, everyone did so great!!

Tina, the Guest Designer, My husband also works with the railroad and I know that was a big fear of mine also, staying at home alot by yourself. I still get scared!!

Good luck Ladies!!!


this is my 1st time joining in after keeping a close tab on this challenge blog. Thank you for the awesome challenge. You ladies do awesome work.


Hey ladies! I'm a huge fan of the blog and finally decided to make an attempt at one of your challenges! Can't wait until next week.

Here's my layout:

(it's my new blog so bear with me! i'm still working out some kinks! hehe TFL!)


Hey everyone!

This was a tough one for me because I'm not one to usually talk about stuff like this, much less scrap it. So this was REALLY good therapy for me.

My biggest fear at this time in my life is related to being recently diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis). It's not the pain I'm scared of, or the difigurement. It's how my disease is going to effect my family. You can see my layout by clicking here.

(Please leave me out of the RAK drawing. Thanks!) :)

Well here's mine.


Of all the times for my HP photo uploader to freeze....Oh well I missed the cut off but at least i finally scrapped that chapter in my life...thanks for the great challenge!

Here's my fear.....we deal with a rather frightful person in our blended family- the other parent. In our case it is NOT a good thing.

fearing the grinch


Okay umm wow you laides RAWKED it out this week..let me tell you .. it is going to be hard .. GOOD LUCK you all


Ohhh have I made it in time....

I loved this challenge and here's my take on it

thanks guys...looking forward to the next one