Challenge #22

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Hey Experimenters!

Ready for this weeks challenge?? It's a doozy!

I think it's safe to assume that we have all experienced jealousy at some point in our lives, a time when we wish we had the opposite of what we have, or wish we were someone else. Jealousy isn't pretty, and it's easy to sometimes forget to delight in the things and people we have in our lives. Sure our kids aren't always perfect, our jobs suck sometimes, and sometimes we have a fat day and wish we had that model's body...but the truth is, most times, the grass is not greener on the other side....

So, your challenge this week, if you choose to except it: ;-)

Write about a time when the grass was NOT greener on the other side.


Our fabulous Guest Designer this week is Lori Renn!

A Bit About Lori:

Hey there! My name is Lori Renn. I live in beautiful Idaho with my wonderful husband and three sons. I am originally from Boston, MA and I am a passionate Red Sox fan! The only thing that comes close to my passion for baseball is my passion for paper and making pretty things with it. I love to take pictures that speak to me and turn them into little expressions of art. I am lucky to live in a world with lots of pretty scrappy supplies and lots of talented artists that share my obsession! I must create everyday in order to keep a smile on my face and I am thrilled to be asked to create here at the Design Experiment. I hope you all are inspired by all of the fabulous artists that gather here! I know that I am.

This I Know Is True
By Lori Renn


I love this quote and truly live by it. Sure, my life has had its share of challenges,
but I wouldn't trade a day of it. I am not a jealous or envious person by nature.
I "water" my grass daily by taking good care of ME so that I can take good care
of everyone else in my life. My grass is the greenest, my life is so good. August 2008

Thank you Lori for your touching and beautiful layout and your continued support of us at TDX!

It Doesn't Get Any Greener
By Amy


I'll admit it, I've always thought the grass was greener. They have a bigger house than we do, they go on more vacations than us, but when I take a step back and see what I have....it doesn't get any greener.

My Grass Was Not So Green
By Sasha


The pic of me posted is when I was 208lbs 2 months ago ... When I was overweight, I was not happy. I was use to being a healthy and athletic size 12 at 5'10 and 165lbs. Then I became sick and the Air Force used me as a lab rat and my weight became worse. My grass was no longer green but brown. I have now lost 25lbs.

A big HUGE thanks to A Million Memories Kit Club for sponsoring us this week!
We are sooooo excited to be giving away their JULY monthly kit!

Thank you Michelle Quinn for your generous sponsorship! We appreciate you!

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Thanks for having me guest and thanks for the constant inspiration! You gals ROCK! :0) That kit is fabulous! Can't wait to see what everyone does with this challenge! Good luck.

Loved everyone's layouts and loved this challenge. I dug deep for this one:

What a neat challenge! This was really a fun one to do! And you have Lori Renn....she is pretty fabulous!! :)
Here is a link to my LO:


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i could make a book on this topic!

everyone's layouts is supurb!

This is my first visit on this site and I'm excited about this challenge!

first time to play... :)

here's my take on challenge no. 22:

thanks for the great inspo!!! :)

thank you for the soul searching topic ! here's my take :


My take on Challenge 22


Thanks for the inspiration!