Challenge #21

Posted by The Design Experiment on 1:07 PM
Hey Experimenters!

Ready for a new challenge?

We all do it.....sleep. Sleeping restores us, it heals, it keeps us healthy, but falling asleep is another thing. Sometimes we lay awake for hours, our minds racing, thinking of the day ahead, the previous hours, or sometimes remembering happy times.

Our challenge this week comes from Sasha:

When you close your eyes at night what do you see? Is it a positive image? Is it a negative image? What does the darkness behind your eyes show you?

Our Guest Designer this week is the super cute and SUPER talented Rachel Denbow!

A Bit About Rachel:

I collect discarded items and re purpose them into pretty pieces to display in my home. I have two good looking men in my life but one is still in diapers. I am thankful for the special people and opportunities that are a part of my life right now and try to embrace them all and still manage to get some sleep.

You're Not Dreaming Anymore
By Rachel Denbow


I used to lay awake and think about what our house would look like and what kind of memories we'd make. We're on the flipside of those dreams now and it's been fabulou so far.

Thank you Rachel for your amazing layout and your continued support of us at TDX!

Closed Eyes
By Sasha


Closes eyes .. my images are always so positive and peaceful it is so fun to imagine and escape to my happy place! I try to keep them shut tight..just for a while...because I am safe behind those eyes!

Behind These Hazel Eyes
By Emily


Before I drift off to sleep, I usually spend way too much time obsessing about what I've done wrong that day...Too many carbs, too much yelling, etc...It's an evil and unfair ritual..a mental beating before bedtime.

Happy Place
By Amy


screaming children, laundry, schedules, grocery store, cleaning, dinner, school work, sports...sometimes I just have to close my eyes and go to my happy place.

Eye See
By Kimmi


Eye See hope for tomorrow.

When I Close My Eyes
By Kimberly


Every night when I close my eyes, I go through my day with the Lord, and do what I call a Heart Check. I ask for forgiveness and try to do better. I can sleep in peace and wake up with a fresh clean slate. I thank God for His grace, and live each new day to glorify His name. 8/08

A big HUGE thanks to Label Tulip Kits for sponsoring us this week!

We are sooooo excited to be giving away their JULY monthly kit! Thank you Cindee Bae for your generous sponsorship! We appreciate you!

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by 7pm PST on Sunday to be eligible to win the prize. We can't wait to see YOUR takes on the challenge! We hope that if you've never joined us for a challenge here at The Design Experiment, that you are inspired to do so today!


Great Challenge.
Here's my LO :)

SMOKIN HOT prize for this weeks challenge, as is those wonderful LO's ladies..loved them all. Cannot wait to see what you ladies come up with...

Melissa love that wow.


Andrea (scrappinandrea) says:

Hey ladies... great challenge miss sasha....

here is my take on it.... thanks for the motivation to get scrappin!


i'm in and this challenge is perfect for what i have been wanting to scrap about my daughter and her sleeping habits!! OY!

Hello ladies! I love your challenges, I am addicted! LOL
You can find my layout here.


This is so funny! I have been scrapping old photos and am ready to post!http://jerseytjej.wordpress.com/

i had fun with this challenge. this is my take. :)


I love this challenge and mine was created with much affection.


loved this challenge. its my first time joining in on your blog! glad i found it.
here is my take on it.
thanks for the inspo and for letting me play along.


This is my first try at The Design Experiment! I did a honest and different layout for myself, but hey, that`s the reason why it is named "The Design Experiment" right?!

Forgot to do the link to my blog...
Love, Spinvill

great challenge! it's my first time to join:) you mat view my entry here:


LOVING all the creations you girls have created! xoxo :)

This was such a great challenge! Thanks for the inspo. Here's my layout: http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/portfolio/view_layout.php?layout_id=121019&user_id=286


Amazing LO's!!! I love each and every one of them.