Guest Designer LOVE!

Posted by The Design Experiment on 10:31 PM
We just wanted to share a quick peek at what is coming in the future!

Here are who we have lined up to guest design for us in the coming weeks!:

Kimberly Gorofolo
Angela Daniels
Jen Jockish
Leslie Ashe
Corinne Delis
Rachel Carlson
Tessa Ann Watte
Kara Dudley
Suzy Plantamara

And more coming!!!

I hope you are as completely stoked as we are!!!!!!


Congrats, ladies! That's one AMAZING line up! I'm looking forward to seeing it all in the future!

YAY!!! I cannot wait to see what these wonderful ladies do!!

Oh, that's some major talent there!! Can't wait to see what they do!

FABULOUS line up! can't wait to be inspired! :)

What a great list of designers! Congrats ladies!
A special shout out to Rachel, Leslie & Kimberly!!