Challenge #1

Posted by The Design Experiment on 10:29 PM
Here is the first official Design X Challenge!

Challenge #1:

A Note to Your(younger)Self.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self? What would you want to know to get you thro
ugh the years? Design a layout with an emphasis on journaling to yourself as a younger person.

Here are the X Team's takes on the challenge:

He Loves You
By Emily

This is a layout about my Step-Dad. He has been married to my mom for almost 20 years, been my dad since I was 5....and he has never told me he loves me. It's something that hurt me for a long time. But I finally realized a couple years ago, that he does love me, he just doesn't know how to tell me.


Little Girl, I know you are hurting. I know you think he doesn't love you. I know you wish he would open up and be closer. Don't worry honey, one day you will realize that he loves you very much. One day he will walk you down the aisle and you will see the love in his eyes. One day he will hold your first born in his arms and transform into "Papa". And one day he will tell your kids that he loves them.

Be You
By Kimmi

Note to Self
By Patti:

What You Need 2 Know

By Wendy Reed

Journaling Reads:

You need 2 know...
March 2008
little Wendy... a few things I want you to know... be strong, no matter
what happens you will survive... stand up for what you believe in, you
will be a better person and feel better about yourself... you can,
always know you can do anything you put your mind to... Don't get
intimidated, no one is better than anyone else, everyone is equal...
Stay in touch, always stay in touch with your friends and family, it is
so easy to lose touch as lives change... Enjoy everyday, like it's your
last, you never know what tomorrow will bring... take control, of your
future, you are the one that can make it into what you want it to be...
love yourself, you can love yourself unconditionally, make that a priority.

the older you!

So there it is! Challenge #1! We would love for you to participate in our challenge! You can post a link to your layout in our comments, You have until March 17th at midnight! Then we will we pick a winner and post a new challenge! Thank you for visiting our new site! We look forward to seeing your creations!

-The Design X


VERY inspiring...Wendy brought me here! :)

These Are Awesome Ladies!!! Love it ALL!!!! Oh and I love this new challenge Blog!!!!:)

i love this!!! you guys are the best :) what a fun idea!!!!!!

This is such a fun Challenge Girls Here is mine!

I've done this girls. Will post tomorrow.

I posted mine on my blog this morning.

very great way of challenge. You know you will never do a layout meant a note for yourself. This will let me start thinking! =))

Ok Wendy just shared this FABULOUS Challange blog with me....and Im gonna work on a layout this weekend. This is a great challange!

Thank you for this inspiring challenge! Here is mine!

Opps! wrong website, here is the right one...http://www.createmykeepsake.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=30604&cat=500&ppuser=8951

Ok I got my layout done this weekend, now the HARD PART.....the journaling. Its always a challange for me, and this one is extrememly hard....so when I figure out what I want to write about....I will upload it!

Ok here is my lay out for the challange.


Here is mine and thanks for letting me play!


yeah, so I'm totally too late on this one, but I still wanted to do it! lookie here: http://scrapthis-kim.blogspot.com/2008/03/im-such-sucker.html

Awesome challenge, awesome blog!!