Challenge #49 Daily Grind

Posted by The Design Experiment on 7:14 PM

Hey there Experimenters,

Hope you had a wonderful long 3 day weekend, and supported those that support us. I want to personally thank all of my comrads out there, my husband whom is currently deployed to Iraq and those who have served and the SPOUSES as well.

Today our prompt is brought to us by Sasha and we are going to talk about those things that you just HAVE to do each day and those that you wish to avoid.

What are at least 5 things you have to have or do in your day.. or else your day would not be complete? What are the 3 things you try to avoid doing throughout your day?

Alright ladies whatcha got .. let's get a little inspiration from our Design Team:
This week we are joined by the amazing, Allison Landy


I'm a single mom of two crazy, random, unique, original, free-spirited young adults (18 & 21).

I have a tendency for picking up strays - canine, feline and human. I currently have two dogs rescued off the streets and one cat.

By day I work full time as a Senior Policy Specialist in Early Childhood and part time as an adjunct professor at Arizona State University.

But by the evening and weekend hours I am most happy hanging in my studio getting my scrap on.

I have been scrapbooking since the dark ages and even remember the premiere issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I've been on various design teams such as Rusty Pickle and Imagination Project, but currently enjoy scrapping just for fun and therapy.
I've had several publications in Creating Keepsakes; Simple Scrapbooks; Scrapbooks ETC, Cards and various idea books. But my most proud scrapbooking moment was the day I learned my layout would grace the cover of Creating Keepsakes June 2005.

Thank you Ally for joining us this week and giving us so much inspiration
A Perfect Happy Day
By: Allison Landy


Coffee @ my favorite diner

Communing w/nature

Getting creative & crafty

Surfing the net

Candlelit dinners @ home

The Daily Grind
By: Glenda Tkalac


It doesn't take alot to make me happy, most of the time it's the little things that do it for me. I love to have 2 cups of coffee every morning before I go to work. On the way to work I listen to the Goo Goo Dolls and then after work I look forward to seeing John and talking about our day. I also need to touch base with Paige and the boys so that I know all is well. This is my life.

Not the DISHES
By: Rachel Whetzel

one day at a time...
chat on the phone
check emails
drink my coffee...
laugh at my silly boys

no matter what the day is
like, i try to fit some
of this in...
and of course, AVOID

dishes laundry
cleaning or
any other fun busters like
the plague...

I Must Admit
By: Mye Murrell

I must admit, it doesn’t take a lot to please me…..But there are some “must haves” that I need in my daily.You know those little things that make my day like:

1.) Chat with my Mommy – this I do in the morning on my way to work, don’t know what I’d do with my Mommy fix
2 .) Cell phone – need this in order to accomplish the previous
3.) iPod – need this for the ride into work, and to tune some folks out!!
4.) Internet Fix – gotta keep with the WWW, and most important
5.) Chat with my Hubby – Simple because he’s my world!

Do on the Daily
By: Kristina Kiessig

A Day in the Life
By: Amy Coose

I couldn't get through my busy day without a few must-haves: exercise, lots of coffee, my calendar, cell phone, and some 'me time' on the computer. Some things I try to avoid? Laundry, endless cleaning, and that candy bowl that always calls my name.

5 Things yes & 3 Things no
By: Sasha Holloway


Can't Live

By: Divian Conner


I have to kiss you, hug you, scream that i love you. i have to prepare yourmeals, let you join in...i have to ask one of you to bring my energy drinkfrom the fridge so i can make itthrough working at home on the computer and of course, i have to yellfor you all to shut the front doorclosed because you are letting flies inor else my day would not be complete.

Alright Experimenters let's see what you cannot live without doing daily and those 3 things that you at least TRY to avoid. Thanks for playing .. now go Xperiment ..


I have my layout done!!!I really liked this challenge, it made me scrapbook some "everyday" photos without just "everyday" journaling!

Here's my take on the challenge..