Challenge #39

Posted by The Design Experiment on 10:02 PM
Hey Experimenters!

Happy New Year! We hope y'all had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. We sure did. Now we're back to start a fresh new year of experiments. We have a few announcements to make soon but for now we'd like to give you our first challenge of the year.

If you're anything like me you know that time is so important in everyday life. Although at times I feel that there is not enough time in a day to do what I would like to do. I for one, know that there usually isn't a day that goes by where I don't say "Oh, I wish I had more time to do this". Well, here's your chance to explore that.

The hours in a day pass far too quickly and it seems there are never enough. Imagine if there were 25 hours in a day instead of 24. Do you think you could accomplish more? Do that one little thing that you just didn't have enough time for? If you had an additional hour every day, how would you spend it?

This week, we are joined by our fabulous Guest Designer, April Foster.

A bit about April:

April lives in Bowling Green, KY, home of the Corvette and Western Kentucky University. She has been married to Greg for 7 years and has been scrapping since 1996 when she entered a scrapbook in a state contest for a high school club. Even though first place eluded her, she has continued to scrapbook, however, it is now more personal. Whether it’s documenting places she’s traveled or feelings she has, scrapbooking is now her creative outlet and one tiny way to show off her dog, Addy.

April is a Creative Director for Studio Calico and is a 2007 Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame Honorable Mention winner. She has had her work published in Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbook Trends, Memory Makers, as well as some web-based scrapbooking publications.

Thank you April for joining us this week and for inspiring us with your layout.

1 More Hour
By April Foster


If only I had another hour in my day. I stay so busy all the time, I'm sure I could fill it with something productive... I could do some online shopping: Gap, etsy, Banana Republic here I come! Ready with a free hour to shop! I could call Lorie & just spend some time having a heart to heart... bouncing ideas off of her... I could easily spend an extra hour scrapping into the night. That wouldn't be hard to do. Most of all, I would wish Greg had an extra hour, too, so we could spend it together...

25 Hour Days
By Sasha


Just one more hour in the day would be well spent, not just resting, not just on the internet, it would be spent snuggled up under my boys... under my kids... or out with my kids enjoying life... just one more hour in my day... with you.

One More Hour
By Amy


One more hour... oh, the possibilities! Would I clean, read, organize, scrapbook? Of course not! I would spend the extra time with my family, because spending time with them is all I need.

Gimme Just One More Hour!
By Mia


If there was one more hour in each day, there is nothing I'd rather do but get extra me time, sleeping or scrapping!

And to start of the year with a bang, we are so grateful to Studio Calico for sponsoring us this week!

We are so thrilled that Studio Calico has donated the January FOOTNOTES Add-on kit!

Thank you ladies for your generous sponsorship! We really appreciate it.

Girls, look at the possibilities you can do with this prize! Just YUMMY! Should you need any more wonderful inspiration, just check out Studio Calico, one of the premier kit clubs around, over at www.studiocalico.com/kits.

Ladies, y'all know the drill by now! But, being the new year, there is a slight change. Read on below.

Once you have completed your layout, please leave us a comment in this post with a link to your layout by Sunday, January 18th at 7PM PST to be eligible for this yummy Studio Calico prize! Yes, you read it The Design Experiment is now bi-weekly, which gives y'all more time to get those layouts in! I'm hoping we see a lot of entries for this now that you have more time!

We can't wait to see YOUR takes on the challenge! We hope that if you've never joined us for a challenge here at The Design Experiment, that you are inspired to do so today!


Beautiful work ladies!!

Love all the LO's!!! Fabulous challenge!!

WOO HOO love all the layouts!! Nice work girls! April - so glad to have you join us this week!! your work is FABULOUS!! :D

Love the blog....I would love to see what is inside the QUIET BOOK!!! Could we please see more photos on it!!!

Awesome pages girls! Love your page April! Thanks again!

NikJustNik you can check out the rest of the Quiet Book over at the Studio Calico gallery. There's even a tutorial in the Features tab. HTH!

Thanks for asking me! I had so much fun with this challenge. I love looking at others' take on the challenge as well. Can't wait to see more

and nik, look at Jenn Olsen's gallery for her take on the quiet book as well.

Love the LO's, they're all gorgeous!

Ive just finished mine, was so much fun, not a topic I'd usually scrap about - hope you like!!


Love this challenge - much food for thought - but my mind went only to ONE place!!!

Great LO's DT!!


I love the challenge, here is my take on it http://scrappybucket.blogspot.com/2009/01/design-experiment-challenge-39.html


Seriously AMAZING creations lady's...and so super FUN to have you join us this week April!!! LOVE your creation...you are AMAZING! xoxo

Here is mine for this challenge....TFL! :):):):):):):):):):):):)


Julie :):):):):):):):)

this is my take on the challenge. :)


Nice LO's ladies! First time here. Here's my take:


Lovely LOs & great challenge! Here's my take:


am new to this site and was inspired..my mojo is off but it was a great challenge! Can't wait to do more!


Love your blog. Here's my take:




love all the inpsiration and what a great journaling jumpstart - here is my take

sorry looks like my link didn't take


I recently found your blog! Love the challenge!
Here is mine:



Loved seeing everyone's work. Thanks for the challenge as I had been wanting to use this picture for ages but couldn't decide what to write.

This is the first time I'm participating in the challenge. Here's my take: www.yyam.blogspot.com

Whoo hoo! Newbie here, too!
Here's my version:

I loved this challenge!!!
Here is my take on it :)


Here is mine. What a fun challenge.


Another newbie here - thanks for a great challenge and the awesome examples; can't wait for the next challenge.
Here is my layout;

Here's mine with a little twist ... it's about how I figured out only a week ago how to find myself one more hour every day. I wouldn't have thought of scrapping that decision if it wasn't for this challenge, so thank you! :)


Her is the link to my blog: http://mypassionscrapping.blogspot.com/

I not sure if I am to late as I am in New Zealand at the bottom of the world.

Thanks for the great challenge.