Challenge #38

Posted by The Design Experiment on 12:31 PM
Hi Experimenters!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! Food, Family, and Shopping!

This week we are focusing on one aspect of the Holiday Season. Giving Back. Of course, we should give back during all Seasons, but there is definitely something about the Holidays that makes us feel the need, that much more. So we are asking you, what would you do? What will you do? Do you have a tradition? Do you give back as a family each year? Let us know.

If you had the opportunity to do something for a stranger, to help out someone in need at work, the chance to make things right in a situation that has nothing to do with you ... what would you do?


This week we are joined by our amazing Guest Designer, Nicole Harper!

A Bit About Nicole:

hi there!! i live in Ohio, on the shore of Lake Erie just west of Cleveland. i've been married to my high school sweetheart, Mike for 13 years and we have one amazing 9-year old daughter, Allison. Being one of those kids whose heart raced at the thought of shopping for school supplies, it was really just a matter of time before scrapbooking found it’s way into my world. When not at my full-time job of 16 years at the Cleveland Clinic, i can usually be found hanging out at home or on the road searching for the next vintage treasure to add to my collection. i have been published in Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks, BHG Scrapbooks Etc., Memory Makers, Scrapbook Trends and several idea books, and am fortunate to be a member of the design teams for both Studio Calico and Pink Paislee. sending a huge thank you out to Emily and the team here for having me this week!!

Thank you Nicole for joining us and inspiring us with your beautiful layout!

You Would Do The Same Thing
By Nicole Harper


we all have an 'angel'...someone who has helped us along the way--and never told us. never even mentioned it. i know i have...and once you're blessed with such an act, you feel the need...NO--the COMPULSION to pass it along. pay it forward. so that's what i did...a dear friend was in need and wouldn't ever have asked for help. wouldn't hear of it. that's when you take it into your own hands...and change someon's life. for the better. for absolutely no recognition at all. just the simple feeling in your heart that you know you made a difference. and THAT...just feels GOOD.
Giving Back...
By Sasha


One day hubby and I were driving back to the base and we saw a lady walking that was pregnant and Also had an toddler in a stroller, she was dirty and just bad looking. We looked at each other and he at first said to me I cannot help everyone, and I said yes I know but I think she really needs our help baby. Well we did what you are not suppose to do and that is pick her up. We picked up her and her child, took them to Wal-Mart and did some shopping for them and also for her daughter. We also fed them. I still just did not feel right about it and so hubby and I took her to a local shelter, which was “full” well after we told them what we did and if they could please make sure she was taken care of, they took her and her daughter in. What she did not know was, as she slept in our car headed toward the shelter, we snuck $300 into her diaper bag. I have never seen this woman again, for all I know she could have been a crackhead, she could have been a prostitute but I did not care. At one point her life she was not homeless, she was not dirty, at one point in her life she was happy and smiling. I never look at people on the streets and turn my heads, but I automatically assume and think WHAT IF IT WERE ME IN THEIR SHOES. I would want someone to help me too if they were able. So before you JUDGE a person and clutch your purse and speed past them. SMILE and HELP a person that once stood where you do today.

Teaching You 2 Give
By Dena


As an only child who has never wanted for anything, I am trying to teach my daughter the importance of #1. being grateful for what we do have and #2. that other people are not as lucky as us and we need to give to those in need. She loves participating in local food drives and has fun raiding our cupboards. While I didn't think to get a shot of the food she gathered, I did take a shot of a sweet note she wanted to include with the food. One day I hope to take her down to our local UCAN shelter so she can see in person how what we do give makes a difference.

By Amy


Giving back is something that I love being a part of-especially during the holidays. Helping those in need helps my family remember the reason for Christmas.

Feed The World
By Divian

Divian Says:

Thankfully, I have never experienced true hunger. My family may not have much, but we have always been fed. It is so easy to forget or not think of the millions of those who crawl into bed or curl up hungry. Yes, everything these days are expensive, but for those of us who are able to put food on the table and feed our children....ourselves, we are fortunate. There are those who dream of food, they dream of eating...There are those who mix mud with lard and sugar in hopes of easing the pain of being hungry. There are those less fortunate. So today when you pour your cup of coffee, grab a donut, fix the kids a bowl of cereal or pack their lunch, remember there are those who have nothing...there are those who are hungry. If I could, I would....feed the world. No one should ever go hungry.


so many heartaches, so many pains in this world of ours. i would give anything to take away the hurt, to take away the hunger. if i could, i would feed the world. to know every child, every adult, every being falls into a slumber with a full belly and no tummy aches, i would rest assured. for to be hungry is a pain i wish upon no one...no one should be hungry. no one. if i could...i would.

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yay Gracie!
Love the new challenge ladies....what a great thing to journal!

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Come on out ladies and tell us about your pay it forward moments or just your moments of helping and giving.