Challenge #36

Posted by The Design Experiment on 7:22 PM
Hey Experimenters!

This week's challenge is short, simple and sweet!

There are so many things going on in our lives everyday...this week we just want you to take a second and ask yourself "Why?" Take it to whatever level you want..silly, serious, reflective..you choose!

By Emily


Why?! Why did I think this shirt was "rad"?! Why did I pose like that?! Oh the horrific pictures of my youth! They all pretty much look like this..much to my dismay!

By Leslie

Leslie Says:

Seriously - WHY is the only word I can think of
to question the concept of time. When I went back to look at the
senior pictures I took of my daughter - this one just struck me as
the biggest WHY ever...why time can't just be still for a little longer. :D

(why does time haev to go by so fast? be still....)
As much as I want to stop time..I know I can't. but..if I oculd slow time to
today...to savor in your beauty...your love for life...your will to be anything &
everything you know you can set your mind to..I would stop time...bask in the
you now. Just starting your life of dreams...You're just 6 months from graduating.
By Divian


Why is it that I smile and laugh even when I am hurting inside? It could be that i am avoiding facing the issues at hand...
or it could be that no matter what life throws my way, it makes it easier to sometimes smile & laugh, realizing it is just another day and yes, tomorrow is a new one. Because tomorrow is a new day, that's WHY.

By Kimmi


"Why must you grow so quickly?"

Why? Why?
By Kimberly


Why did my brother get cancer? Why do bad things happen to good people? The only answer that brings me peace is that in our whys, it draws us closer to God....and I'm thankful for His grace.
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awesome work ladies!! Cant wait to see more!!!


here is my why layout!!

Hi, here is mine.



Hi great challenge, just added mine to my blog

Thanks for the fun challenge. This is my first time, so I hope this is how you do it. Mine is on the facebook group.


Kris Silvester

I could have done alot on "why??" but chose this one:


What a great challenge again, loved all the layouts and takes on it!

This is my first time ,here is my WHY? layout..

Hi, have finally managed to do another challenge within the week! Here's mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31302630@N07/3048410309/

Journaling says: The place where you are sitting was built in the 16th century and for years has served ice-creams and sold local goods to tourists who come here for the beautiful scenery of this picturesque harbour. A couple of weeks after this picture was taken, this building was washed away with several others, during a terrifying flood which swept down the valley. Cars were washed into the sea, people airlifted from rooftops, homes damaged and livelihoods ruined. So..Pull a funny face, why don't you?


This is my very first time here!
I loved this work 'Why'....

Here's my entry..

Here is my take on this challenge


Thanks for the cool challenge.

fun challenge here's mine
journaling says "aren't my beanie babies worth all the money everyone
thought they were going to be?"

Haha! I just saw i used the same journaling spot Emily did on her LO!! Cracks me up....great minds think a like right??;)
Why are everyday moments so fun

Here's my layout. My kitchen sink is asking "why" we can't keep her clean.


here's my entry. i hope i'm not too late. :)


better late than nevah:

Thanks for the inspiration Girlies!!!